MAD Mumbai has a Library Partner!!!

Originally written by Anuradha Hardikar.

(Anuradha is a student of Arts, at St. Xavier’s College. She currently teaches at Fr. Agnel Technical school and is also a part of the PR Bunch)

Listen up Maddies! Happy news for all of you bookworms out there! The popular online library, ‘‘ has recently teamed up with MAD as a sponsor for the library books for our kiddos at all our centres…

Try looking back into your childhood –   How about that instant smile which lit up on our faces at the  words “story-time”? Story -time meant an escape from math and grammar into a world far far away, with promises of excitement.  How many of us were  not tempted to look for magic beans and climb up our very own Beanstalk, or dream of dancing in a ball as Cinderella?




Or the time when Daddy read us a bed time story every night, before tucking us in? Our kids might not be as lucky to have their loved one read to them every night, but they sure do have us. For our bacchas, just the thought of having someone to read to them, sitting at their centres when everything in their text books just becomes a lag, is a welcome and pleasant change.

Books like Secret Seven, The Famous Five, and of course the evergreen Tinkle never disappoint their readers and are always a delight. Its amazing how little kids find joy in almost all the simplest things in life, be it a lollipop or just a simple little story.The smile on their face is priceless.So,this year at MAD, our kiddos are definitely in for a booky- treat!

We, as librarywala’s official NGO support group, have already gotten access to over 100 childrens’ books, which have been donated to the MAD library. These books includes, fairy tales,famous fables,short stories and other pieces of writing that will interest out kids. The books will be access able  to all our five centers,based on a rotational basis.

At the moment, library facilities are available at Fr.Angels, St Catharine’s and YMCA.The allocation of the books will be such that each kid will at least get to read around 5 -6 books before the books are sent to the other centres.And what more, librarywala has promised more books on a regular bases, so that our little ones our exposed to a wide variety of stories from across the globe.

And what’s more, we were in for a pleasant surprise when LibraryWala told us we were in for a li’l treat too.  A LibraryWala membership comes with a common registration fee of RS 500, which is being waived off for all MAD-Mumbaiites.

By the way, had this been an ALL INDIA MAD venture,the “Unlimited books per month” plan, which librarywala offered,would have been in our bag too! But no matter, I’m sure the Mumbai Maddies will be more than pleased with what we’ve got as of now!

MAD Mumbai is really thankful to LibraryWala for rendering us their support and helping us make a difference in the lives of our darling kids! Three cheers to librarywala! Looking forward to many hours of magical story-time every weekend.



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  1. President Mumbai says

    hey guys one important piece of information ….. we missed out on it ….. we had further negotiations with the company

    & they not only are giving the 500 discount to every MAD volunteer , but also providing them with corporate packages

    which have benefits like unlimited books at even less than half the price at which they provide it to normal customers ……… so u get to read unlimited books delivered to your place & picked up at just Rs. 150 a month , a plan specially designed for MAD Mumbai Volunteers

  2. President Mumbai says

    so its a double whammy …. both for the kids & library project as well as our volunteers

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