Cochin 1 Ice Breakers

Govt. Girls Home Ice-breaker

It was the 13th of June, a Sunday. Cutting out the hackneyed weather reports of a typical June day, the MAD team reached the Govt. Girls Home geared up to ready the kids for another year of MAD learning.

Dar Ul Uloom ice kaboom

On 19th June, amidst the relentless rain in the evening, a group of young but mad men, attired in similar tees, walked into the Cochin Orphanage Trust (Dar Ul Uloom) campus. Wearing a broad grin, they watched the zestful kids who called the place home. Since MAD was still short of the honor of teaching these lovely little lads, one could only wonder how hard the ice was going to be.

Valsalya Bhavan Ice Breaker

Overcoming the difficulty of finding out the new location of Valsalya Bhavan, our volunteers, though not on time, arrived at Valsalya Bhavan with heads full of plans to break the vacation ice that had frozen amongst the kids!

Rain seems to kickstart Holy Ghost too

It wasn’t one of those perfect sunny days. In fact the day was a rainy one with flooded roads and traffic blocks everywhere which could make one lazy and lethargic and not really enthusiastic, especially if it was for doing something voluntary.

Despite all this the first day of official MAD beginning for the year began and ended on a great note. Amazingly all the volunteers turned up braving all the odds and bad weather. The dark depressing cloudy day was soon forgotten on seeing the curious cheerful bright faces of the children. All the girls (V and VI standards/grades in school) were excited to meet their new chechi’s and likewise the volunteers were equally excited at meeting them for the first time.

Breaking the Ice at Udaya Colony!

The ice breaker session at Udaya colony was scheduled for the 12th of June 2010, exactly the same day that rain god had marked on his calendar to flood the city :). It was raining cats and dogs in a city which was thirsty for rains. The rain god blessed the volunteers with their share of rain woes, drenching them, tested their ability to walk the streets without sandals and crossing the knee deep sewage puddle and providing every opportunity for a small slip into the puddle.

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