Reaching MAD……

20th of June 2010 happened to be one of the most memorable days in My life Just Coz I joined MAD on that day.

From the moment I woke up, I was filled with nervous energy. I was excited and curious about the way things were going to turn out. The Recruitment Drive of MAD Tvm was being held at Mar Baselios College, Nalanchira.
I reached there by 9:30 am and was greeted by the sight of a bunch of MAD volunteers running around. I was all alone when I reached there, but within minutes I understood that I was not alone. I was given a Questionnaire which turned out to be the  Registration  Form.
I was asked to sit in a hall where I found lot of people who were waiting to join the MADness.
The Program started by 10 am. At first, we were given a brief  description about MAD by Arjun.
After that everyone was given a  piece of paper in which there were four columns – Zodiac Sign,   Favourite Vice, Favourite Hang Out and Best Feature. We were asked  to fill those columns and to find others with similar tastes. Everyone  was roaming around the hall in search for People with Similar  Characteristics.
Finally, people who had the greatest number of  similar features were called on to the stage and they were the limelight  for the moment as they were asked to perform something. Some  mimicked, others sang, some danced and the whole hall was filled with laughter.
After that we were all asked to take a chit, each of which had the name of some animal written on it. We were asked to act like those animals and find our teammates who got the same chits. The scene was hilarious. I had fun acting like a Monkey from which I found the rest of my chattering brothers and sisters.
There were Monkeys, Dogs, Snakes, Crows, Wolves and Cats.
It was a  jungle out there as each animal clan was formed.
Each group was  given a problem so that we may find a creative solution to it. The  questions were all about controlling classes, how to teach children,  how to deal with an unpleasant fellow volunteer and so on. Common  problems to find MAD solutions to. We were given time to discuss the  topic among our group.
After that each group was given  the chance  to present their ideas and opinions.
The different groups did their presentations in different ways. Some  gave short skits, others demos and so on.
I was sure that each and  every one was enjoying the whole thing. After the presentations, a volunteer, Remitha, came up with the Feed Back and the “Dogs” were judged to be the best group.
By lunchtime, we were all friends as if we had known each other all our lives.
We shared food, had small talks and chit chats.
Next came, the Personal Interviews with each of us waiting for our turn. The Interview happened to be fun.
I knew that it was not that easy to get through but I was confident and I think I did it well .We were told that the result would be announced later.
At the end of the day, we posed for a group photo with the voulnteers. By this time, I knew I wanted to be a MADdie. The whole day turned out to be a rapturous event…
By evening, I got a call from Keerthi  with “the good news”. I was in a state of euphoria at this point because I’d got what I wanted. MAD was the place I wanted to be and now I am HERE to GO MAD…..Cheerzzzzz… ;-)

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  1. vssanakan says

    Rahul ….. I am happy that you are well organized programs. Make A Difference will soon achieve a special place in everyones heart and I wish all success to all of MAD.

  2. says

    I missed this program. I heard by friend that she told that the program is very nice and she had been enjoyed a lot. After hearing that I feel very bad and I worried a lot. I had important work on that day so I can’t.

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