MADness at St. Catherine’s, Mumbai.

Originally written by Vikas Hotwani, MAD Mumbai

(Vikas – a photojournalist by profession, currently teaches at St. Catherine’s School. He is also a part of the Operations bunch.)

”Be on time. OK. No, wait.”

”Reach 15 minutes early. OK?”

‘Collect your books. OK. But do not teach. OK?  Ice-breakers only. OK. But be on time. OK?”

– This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the countdown to the first MAD class looked like. There was anticipation, nervousness, excitement, MADness, and not to forget, awesome lots of fun.

Not wanting to be late (remember the first line?), we started early, lost our way – twice (thanks Trupti), but still managed to reach 10 minutes before class (yes, we are good).

We entered class, heads held high and probably having idea of WHAT we were gonna do. Let’s just go with the flow, a fellow volunteer suggested.

So we started with introductions (isn’t that the safest?), and later asked the kids to suggest a game. Now I don’t know HOW on earth we would have played kabbadi, cricket and hide-and-seek in class, but the kids seemed damn confident. Someday, we will give it a shot.

Nonetheless, we zeroed down on simpler games and the next one hour was NOT for the weak-hearted. There was noise, empty plastic bottles flying around, bunch of hyperactive kids running behind colours, and non-stop ‘Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir’. Was it tough controlling them? Who knows? We were a part of it, silly!

Next time, by the way, we will talk business. Till then, will somebody tell me HOW can we play kabbadi in class?



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  1. says

    @ Jr. The kids wanted to hide under benches. And they expected ME to run behind 'em between the benches and catch them. :|

    @Joanna – Catherine's kids – they Sing and Dance….each one of them is a superstar! :)

  2. President Mumbai says

    hahaha ….. even vikas makes fun of trupti ….. anyone in the world who is left out ?

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