‘Kay-We broke some ice!

It’s always great to start a new year. We at KV decided to hit it off with an ice-breaker session for the kids on 19th June, 2010. Keeping in mind the spirit of MADness, we had planned for it weeks in advance and were very keen to make it a fun and memorable day for both the volunteers and the kids.

Out of the blue, Preethi decided that the volunteers should co-ordinate and come wearing Red shirts and black trousers, although I still haven’t figured out the point behind such a strange request. :P

Anyway on D-day, there was a bunch of us wearing red and all prepped up to start off the new academic year! Everyone was excited and looking forward to the two hour session. The kids started walking in, excited and bubbly as usual, not to mention all over the place. It took some tough love from Rishi to settle them all quietly so that we could talk to them and explain to them what we would be doing. The kids were very excited to see the volunteers after a long break and were busy giving us thumbs up and high-fives! In the midst of all that, Suresh (one of the kids) came upto me and asked me “How are you Anna?”. Maybe he did it out of compulsion (since he knows my Tamil is horrendous) but the fact that he took the effort to come upto me and ask me that in English meant a lot to me and certainly brightened up my Saturday by a couple of 1000 watts! :D

The kids were split into groups so that we could manage them easily. After a couple of minutes of coaxing and begging, they all settled down quietly. There were a couple of new entrants into the MAD family, and they were all huddling together in one corner, shy yet observant.

To get to know each other, we played the good old ‘Throw-the-ball-and-tell-your-name’ game with the kids. The shy ones slowly started opening up and in the midst of mispronounced names we all got to know each other. After that we had a lot of interesting games for kids like Treasure hunt, Dog and the bone, Burst the balloon and of course Word building. The winners were given custom-made limited edition hand bands made by the KV MAD team :D

At the end of two hours when it was time to wind up, the volunteers were thoroughly exhausted while the kids were hyper-active as always!

I learnt a very valuable lesson that day, never skip your breakfast on a MAD day. After sending the kids away, we all rushed off to Saravana Bhavan to refuel ourselves.

Hats off to Shruthi and Preethi for co-ordinating the whole thing. (Preethi is yet to explain the funda behind the Red dress-code) Rishi and Varun for  capturing the wonderful moments on camera.

Hemanshi, Madhumitha, Anand, Mithun and Hari for making the whole thing happen. Last but not the least, our new volunteers for the year- Ananya, Abinaya,Raghav and Varsha, welcome aboard!!!! :D

And of course, me! For wearing a Red T-shirt (that I last wore 2 years back) to stick to Preethi’s dress-code!

– Ashwin Chandran, KV, MAD

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    i like the write up… i think the author is fond of the word couple…it used in many lines :)

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