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We had ice breakers at all our centers. This time it was a bit different from a regular ice breaker. We also distributed the books. The new MAD/CUP books. Result: A lot of shattered ice. Lots of very excited kids who couldn’t wait for the classes to start. And this post…

Sneha Bavan, Palluruthy

Ice Breaker at Sneha Bavan, Palluruthy

We started by introducing all the new volunteers to the kids. Then we separated the kids into four groups and played a game where the kids have to blow up balloons. The team with the most number of balloons at the end of the time wins. Turned out we underestimated the Palluruthy kids.

Two minutes into the game the kids realized that there was another way to win – to burst other teams balloons. With that realization, all four teams went into offensive mode.

The teams suddenly divided themselves into attackers and defenders. The attackers went after other team’s balloons while the defenders defended their own balloons from the attackers of other teams. Its was truly a sight to behold.

After that, we had a football match. No event in Palluruthy is complete without a football match. No, it was not MAD volunteers versus the kids. After the 5-1 defeat the maddies suffered last time we did that, we decided not to do that ever again.

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St. Marys

Ice Breaker at St. Marys

Started off with a self introduction(which the kids took care to cross examine later). Then we played a fun game where all the kids had to list people wearing pink tops, bangles, pigtails etc among them and the one with the longest list won a prize.

We stopped the games soon after, as the kids wanted to talk to us(which was quite convenient for chatterboxes like me). We wrapped up the session with an introduction of the texts which left them delighted and which left us wishing wistfully for the same as we thought of all the dull books we had to mug up when we were in schools.

Full Report


We started off by introducing ourselves to the girls. By then, they were all excited to start the games. First, we played ‘Bombing the City’. We made four corners of the room into four cities of India.

And as we clapped and made music, the girls ran and occupied different cities and when the clapping stopped, a city was bombed and the ones who were in that city was bombed out. We had a great time playing. ‘Bombing the City’ was followed by ‘Blowing the balloons and bursting it’.

We divided the girls into groups and one from each group was asked to blow and burst the balloons. It was amazing to see the sparkling smiles on those cute little faces.

Entire Report


Ice Breaker at YMCA

When we got to the center, we were greeted by the kids who just asked us one question – “Which Team?” When we said that we don’t know what they were talking about, they clarified their question. “I’m supporting Brazil. Which team are you supporting in the worldcup?”.

Turns out there is two fractions in the center – one supporting Brazil and the other supporting Argentina. We all name our favorite teams – which were greeted by ‘Yeas’ and ‘Boos’ from the kids. There was a volunteer who said he supported USA. The kids told him that he would not be allowed to take classes in that center. They said his “judgment is suspect”.

After all the introductions were done we played a balloon busting game and then distributed the new books. It was fun.

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