New beginnings to good ol’ MADness!!

This week onward, it will begin. Yet again. Friends who call up to make Sunday breakfast plans will get to hear what they have been hearing all through last year. One day in a week, I will wake up with a smile. With no deadlines or work worries running through my mind, I will look forward to being greeted by smiling faces and their mad scramble to be the first one to hug me. I will be told I look beautiful, and it will make me feel good for the rest of the day. I will get to hear tales of fights, scraped knees, distant families – a privileged glimpse into a world very different from mine.

I won’t be listened to till I join in the deafening din of their noises. Very important questions will arise – from why you never say  – ‘‘I is a girl’’ to whether I like Shahid Kapoor! And if I say yes, I get brownie points. As class comes to an end and we do our 10 minute song-and-dance thing, I will be made to jump about and dance or sing along. The moment they see me pick up my bag, the scramble to give me bye-bye kisses will begin.

Somewhere in the middle, someone will mope because I didn’t say bye to her. I will put down my bag, give her a hug. Amidst instructions to get home safe (yes, from kids half my age) I will be faced with the ultimate question – the answer to which they know already. Yet, I will have to say ‘I will come again next week. Pakka Promise. Yes, we will see the cartoon film. While I walk out of the center, all the smiling faces will have gone up to their rooms, and will scream my name and wave at me from their windows.

I will smile to myself. Plans for next week’s class will start racing though my head. Then I will realise it’s Monday tomorrow. But I won’t dread the thought, because only after running through a crazy week will I get my peace. The thought of being with my little ones will push me through everything that is upsetting, depressing, demotivating.

This weekend onwards, Mumbai will be MADder than ever! There will be a difference to life. The MADness will begin.

So will life – the life I love more than anything!


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  1. Ritika says

    Well written! Really looking forward to a new year, and many such wonderful experiences.
    Go MAD :)

  2. Shivani says

    Its Lovely Trups….wonderfully written n something im sure all of us can relate to! :)

  3. Kunal says

    had da mst amazing tym of my lyf…1st MAD class 4 academic yr 2010-2011 n INDIA winning agnst pakistan..
    brilliant experience..bak to da old chaotic class…love the post evn more coz 1 pic hs da kids tht i taught..
    Best of luck to all MADsters….
    GO MAD!!!

  4. Aniket says

    Great description of student teacher relationship at MAD….time to go MAD!

  5. Pari says

    yes kunal!!felt soo good after spending time with kids, after a long long time!!!

  6. Pari says

    yes kunal!!!!feeling soo good 2 spend time with d kids after loooong time!!it was amazing…thout d cricket part was

  7. Lobo Joanna says

    The MADness has begun….on a more positive note…Kudos Trupti for a well written piece…def strikes a chord with all of us…

  8. Aquablue89 says

    Wishin u MADder times……!!!
    the post is lovely and so are the snaps..
    doing great work gurl !!!
    so proud of u !!!!!!!

  9. Gloria says

    Very well said, Trupti!!! You spoke the mind of hundreds of MADsters out there!! :)

  10. Pratik Udeshi says

    You have penned down each and every thought so beautifully! The feeling is just so AWESOME!

  11. Ashishbheda says

    i cdnt agree more.. dis is like penning down evry madsters thgts..ur damn good at writing..

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