The Nagpur MAD movement, in all it’s glory!

When the Nagpur core team sat down to discuss publicity plans for this year’s recruitment drives, we all unanimously agreed on making the whole thing a lot more interactive and to make the publicity drive totally appealing to the youngsters, making MAD look like the next big thing, which it rightfully is!

After a lot of deliberations, brainstorming sessions and many many cups of coffee, we had come up with the unique idea of a ‘MAD car’. Surprised? Don’t be.. let me take you through what went behind the making of a ‘MAD’ car!


All we needed was –

1) Nagpur PR VP Sukhada Chaudhary’s WagonR

2) MAD Nagpur banners

3) One white bedsheet

4) Asian color paints

5) Gloves

6) A lot of energy and smiles

After this,

all that was needed to be done was to take this ‘MAD’ car to all the happening places in the city where we were sure
to find potential MAD-dies.. the buildup was started a good 5 days ago with the MAD Nagpur team christening it as ‘The MAD Movement’. .a lot of confirmed guests and encouragement later, the MAD car received an overwhelming response wherever it went..


And the result?

An amazing 50 volunteers at Nagpur’s first recruitment drive!

Heck! Our MAD car was parked near the Chief Minister’s Nagpur residence! Talk about ‘reach’!





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  1. Sukhada says

    Thank you Rama, Sachchit,Mansi, Aparna and Rakesh

    Thanks a lot for the encouraging words :D

  2. Sonali Moon says

    Its a good…but did not undersrand what did you actually do by this event in Nag

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