Google – a noun, a verb and perhaps now a religion!! :-D

Written by Sakshi Bawa

“Dude, just google it” – how often have we heard these words. Where Google has become a verb for most of us, there are still plenty out there for whom Google is just a name; and even more for whom not even that.

MAD Delhi’s first Placements event conceptualised when we were contacted by Google (Gurgaon) who as part of their week long Google Serve initiative, wanted to conduct a workshop at one of our centers to introduce, educate and familiarise children with the basic google tools – search engine, image search, maps, translator.











Adharshila, a newly partnered NGO, enthusiastically extended their support for this initiative. The stage was set – enthusiastic children + energetic Google volunteers + lively MADDies + volunteer laptops with data cards – perfect recipe for a first MADDening Placements event.


It was a pleasant surprise to know that the children were already familiar with computers, though limited prior exposure to internet. A few of them did know about Google, but had never used it before. After a ‘theoretical’ conversation on the daily applicability of Google tools followed by a ‘demo’, children were most excited by the opportunity to actually try their hands at using the tools themselves. Google maps proved to be the most fascinating of them all. Children would try and search for areas that they were familiar with as well as new places.
























This session made us realise that there was a spark, a thirst for knowledge and information inherent in each child’s eyes. Now they know how to access the best search engine on the internet and all the information that it has to offer.  Thanking all Googlers who made this a possibility.


What was intended to be a one time event as part of the Google Serve week, might turn out to be a regular feature for the children at MAD Delhi. Following the success of this event, we have already initiated conversation on the possibility of Googlers conducting similar workshops across all of MAD Delhi’s shelter homes at regular intervals. So watch out for more such Google + MAD events J


And yes, I recall how one child stood up and asked… “What is GOOGLISM?” and actually made Googlers, google it for him. :-) yeah…yeah…yeah…time for you to GOOGLE it, too. :-P ;-)


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  1. Gloria says

    Neat Stuff!! Today Google…& tomorrow it could be Yahoo/Microsoft!! ;) Way to go MAD Delhi!! :)

  2. Sakshi says

    I am happy too..:D:D..and a big thanks to you as without you this would not have been possible…:)):D

  3. Sakshi says

    after the success of this event..we are planning to have more such “Google initiatives”..:))

  4. Ankush Kochhar says

    brilliant!!! this marks something of a new start-bringing Google to our kids!!! life without it wouldn't have been possible for them!!
    and well written stuff, sakshi! cheers

  5. Garg Samarth says

    Very nice concept… Thru ths children atleast knw where 2 find wht… All d luck… God bless

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