Serving Some MADness

How could the poor, unsuspecting customers of Ambrosia, Kowdiar in Trivandrum have known  when they stepped in for a quick  bite that MADness was the day’s special? Here’s the usual routine at Amb-  place your order at the counter, take a number and wait at a table till your food arrives. There was a slight change of routine on May 29 2010- place order, take number and listen patiently to what the MAD volunteer who waited on you had to say.

It was a MAD day at Ambrosia and it began at 11 with the  putting up of flyers and posters and a big banner over everybody’s heads. Our fearless leader, the President had a great start. The first time he went to give someone their order, he didn’t have to place the things on the table. The ketchup bottle, can of Pepsi and all just jumped off his tray onto the table. (Thankfully, we weren’t playing Follow-the-Leader that day so the rest of us pulled it off without any similiar mishaps. ) But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. By the end of the day, President Melvin was actually offered a job at Amb. ( No kidding!)


The customers  were patient enough to lend us their ears  and we were successful in getting quite a few sign-ups for the Rec Drive. We were able to get some people really interested, especially a man who offered to give free Entrance coaching for our children and also access to a 20,000 strong contact base!! Talk about serendipity!

 At one point, it even became a contest between Melvin and Anoosha to see who could get the most people to sign up.  Even now I can’t declare a winner. They were always neck-and-neck – if one gained, the other would immediately catch up.


So, we came, we served, we spilled the ketchup. But mostly, we got the word out- MAD is here.

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  1. President Mumbai says

    woh , super cool guys …… seems like a real good campaign ….. nice thought

  2. Kola says

    Whoa!!! Acc. to me, This was one awesomest ideas MAD has come up with!
    Too good :D Kudos to the entire team, for shedding all inhibitions and doing the job with such enthu!

    @ Melvin: You planning to take up the job? ;)

    My city PR is inspired, we think this was great! :)

    All the best for your rec drive :)

  3. Rakhi Nair says

    One of the best days for TVM MAD.Can't think of a better way 'to spread the word'.It was fun,cool and out-of-the box :)
    And kudos to Aparna for this hilarious post.Way to go PR!!!

  4. meril says

    hey guys…, that was a real brilliant idea on how to “get” people to sign up for the rec drive..!!
    and did u actually make them sit “looking” at their food, unable to eat it, and listen to u guys??
    but anyways this is MAD and MAD is the way u get things done.. hehe

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