MAD collaborates with Sopaan for the 1ka100 fundraising drive

1 ka 100 is a unique initiative for child rights and education empowered by Sopaan.


In association with Sopaan, Bhaskar Jindal and Abhishek Chawla have proposed a road drive called ‘1ka100’ to raise awareness and funds for child right and education

The drive also brings into its fold 2 partner NGOs with whom the team will meet at multiple pit stops marked on their route. Ninety percent of the money raised through 1ka100 initiative shall be donated to these partner NGOs selected for doing exemplary work in the field of child right and education.

It’s a great pleasure for Make a Difference to be one of the shortlisted NGOs that would form a part of this initiative.

The Initiative

Lead by Bhaskar, 1ka100 proposes an awareness drive in June 2010. Bhaskar, along with his navigator and co-driver Abhishek plan to drive from New Delhi to Mumbai covering a distance of about 1500 kms through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The drive aims to raise a total sum of 1,50,000 INR.

1ka100 is a drive with a good cause. It shall generate funds from individual contributions as well as NGO and CSR sponsorships. The idea behind 1ka100 is that every 100 INR contributed to 1ka100 will support the team in spreading the message for 1 km. To ensure maximum participation, individual contribution amounts are kept at 100 INR or its multiples.

Throughout the drive, Bhaskar and Abhishek shall spread the word by means of banner display on their vehicles and pamphlets distribution on the way.

Please write to if you’d like to support 1ka100.

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  1. Nationalvp-cr says

    awesome!!! go delhi go! :-) but jus for my understanding, how exactly would they raise awareness at every kilometer that they travel?will it be only the signages on the car?

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