This one is for you Mubin

Mubin Shaikh

Its just about two weeks since we saw sparkle in the eyes of a young MADster. A young NCC cadet who had taken part in this year’s republic day parade marching past the President of India. He was excited about repeating it again next year and said he may become the first person to do it twice. There was so much passion in him, but what was more evident was his humbleness. We felt very happy at that moment to just have met a gem like him.
Mubin is no longer with us in this world. He breathed his last trying to save his drowning friend in the waters of Srisailam. He will not be marching past the President of India the next republic day. He will not be in MAD classes. But, we believe that he was the MADdest of us all. A true champion. That is why he was taken away by God to make a bigger difference elsewhere. Good luck mate. We’ll miss you, but we are even more proud of you.


Recruitment flashes : Without a doubt, he was one of the sure shots of the walk-in not more than 4 weeks ago. We still remember him & Kola marching up & down the hall while portraying his NCC talents as one of his ‘tasks’.  We must say we were impressed.
Process Training flashes: Midway through Glo’s never ending presentation during process training, run in this chap (evidently late) & trying to be as inconspicuous about it as possible.
Teacher training flashes: One of the enthu-cutlets we couldn’t have done without during training, he was strong competition for Zo in being the naughtiest kid in class during micro-teaching.  We still remember his super loud voice and sharp looks when it was his turn to teach — forcing everyone to listen to him (whether they liked it or not)
The first three things that pop up when we think about him… the spark in his eyes, the open smile & naughtiness lining his every action!
He was truly ONE of KIND! Proud to have known you Mubin!!!


As we see the gulls passing by,
We always forget to say hi.
As each death hits us hard in life,
Do remember to help others in strife.
He may have been with us only for a short while, Mubin.
But for sure, I can say, happy those training days had been.
He brought a spark to our team that weekend,
Always smiling and laughing, indeed a Godsend.
May you rest in peace, wherever you are;
we,mad hyd will always cherish u, be with u
wishing u well, and holding your hand.



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  1. Kola says

    I remember of him for the incident when we both marched matching our NCC skills on the interview day.
    I remember how everybody else's faces were filled with awe at the perfect co-ordination and 'cut' we had in our movements and man, was I proud..
    That day, wow, I found company, I found somebody who understands my language of parade, march past, rifles, commands, rdc, discipline, etc. I felt my dormant spirits soaring high and thought now we would together teach parade to MAD kids! All I needed to do was, talk to you about my idea to keep the kids fit, disciplined and interested in defence by introducing to them NCC stuff. All I needed was a meeting to talk to you about my plans.
    Its so easy for dreams to shatter with such awful news.

    But your way to enter a happy afterlife inspires me and makes me feel honoured to have known you.
    You wanted to serve the country. You did.
    You went down fighting bravely for a life not your own just like a soldier does to save the lives of his countrymen.
    It fills me with immense happiness to come in touch with such passionate patriotic individuals, who will forever be in the highest regard in my eyes.

    When I was told, it was the same NCC guy I met on the interview day, I didnt want to believe.
    When we read this mail yes'day night, we were in shock and at a loss of words.
    But the despair has to be vented and here I hate you for leaving my NCC spirit alone.

    Reading all that the other MADsters have written about you, all I can say is…

    Thank you Mubin for inspiring so many individuals,
    See what an indelible impression your young indomitable spirit left on us
    You'll be forever etched in MAD's memory for your bravery.

    Proud of you Mubin!

    Your inspiring spirit shall forever be MAD, just the way you wanted bacha :)

  2. Subhashis Roy says

    Mubin is a hero….and heroes never die! With this one heroic act, he would have inspired a generation of MADsters, youngsters and fellow beings to think a little less of oneself and think a little more of others….to act decisively rather than utter empty words. Thanks for this education dear Mubin.

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