What an illuminating MADHYD training session that was..

I woke up as a sound was being heard somewhere in the background and it was fast becoming a blaring noise,after the initial disorientation wore off, i realized that it was my alarm ringing, took me sometime to fish it out from all the junk in my room, once i turned off the cause that disturbed my beauty sleep on a Saturday morning and quickly browsed through my agenda for the day.I couldn’t help but smile as i realized that it’s gonna be an exciting day and why wouldn’t it be? the first thing on my agenda was MAD-TEACHER’S TRAINING SESSION !!!

I reached the venue huffing and puffing as i was late, but surprisingly i was greeted by 34 smiling faces, each looked happy that i was present. Our trainer was a very nice lady named Aparajita, she has an air about her which instantly puts you at ease. The introductions began in the form of an activity, we got to know each others names, hobbies, likes and dislikes etc. By the end of the activity, i was sure i have found my future BFFs !!!








We were so involved in the activities and having fun, Thanks to Aparajita, we never knew when it was lunch time but hunger is hard to curb and boy, it does growl !! We broke into groups for lunch and gathered back at the venue after an 1 hr, With our tummies tucked in and happy, sleep was a sweet wish, fortunately we were able to forget all about the wish as Aparajita took the stage and kept us enthralled and mesmerized with her nuggets of wisdom on how to be a Teacher :) Soon it was time to call it a day and head home, it was a happy ending cause we knew we would meet the next day too :)

This time i wasn’t late for my training and neither did i scowl at my alarm for ringing at 8AM on a Sunday morning! the day was going to be more interesting and challenging than the earlier one, as the roles would be reversed between the trainers and the trainees. We were grouped into teams and each team had to teach a lesson, that way we get a feel of being a teacher and also adopt to real-time scenarios during any class.At the end of the day we all felt more confident about ourselves and teaching the kids.

I’ve learnt many things during the training in regards to “how to be a good teacher?” and the best the advice
that i got was “JUST BE A FRIEND” and i plan to be just that…..


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