Cricket Camp, Day 2/3

Remember the Cricket Camp that’s happening at Snehabavan? After the first day of that event, came the second and third day of the camp(didn’t see that coming, did you?). And along with that, a new report.

We had some star power this time – Jino brought in Sebastien Antony, C M Deepak, Robert Fernandez – they are all Ranji Trophy players. He also brought in Sreejith and Aravind(Swantons CC players) later on.

As always, we started with the warm up exercise. Running around, stretching – the usual.

Once the warm up was complete, the kids where given some hands on training in catching, fielding, throwing. Later on they were shown the correct posture for batting and bowling as well.

After all that, there was a Rolling Ball game. For those of who don’t know what it is, its similar to football – but this game is designed to build your fielding and throwing skills.

Finally, there was a cricket match. But it was called off on account of rain when the score was 49 for 10. We tried to find the winner using the Duckworth–Lewis method – but its very difficult to calculate it when you are running around trying to find some shelter from the rain. So in the end, both teams decided that they were the winners.

PS: This is what Snehabavan looks like when its raining…

PPS: Rifaz, the photographer for Cochin 1, has a collection of some great photos of the event. Check them out.

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  1. Blesson says

    Amazing to have Kerala Ranji Trophy players interact with our kids! All of us had a wonderful time! :D Great work, Jino! And Sumesh too!

    PS: Damn! The snap of the basketball court looks straight out of a Hollywood horror flick!

  2. Jithin says

    “PPS: Rifaz, the photographer for Cochin 2, has a collection of some great photos of the event. Check them out.” Awesome pics !!!!

  3. jake says

    so did the mad volunteers have a match with our kids???…..or are u not mentioning that coz u lost terribly to them?? :P

  4. says

    We didn't have enough MAD people to play against the kids. Even the people who were there were too afraid to play. Remember the football match against those kids?

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