Truly, Deeply, Madly MAD!

Through all my confusions in life there was one thing that I was sure of. I was MAD. I loved being MAD. The following, however is an account of the weekend that made me proud of being MAD.

The weekend (May 2nd– 3rd) essentially included taking the kids out to the Planetarium on Saturday and a MAD recruitment drive on Sunday.

Visit to Birla Planetarium

I reached the center assigned to me in time. The kids were waiting, the anxiety apparent in their nervous smiles. Our dedicated VP Placements had made all the arrangements. All I had to do was follow closely planned instructions which sounded something like this: Cut the ribbons. Make ID cards. Call out the names. Take a roll call. Count the kids. Count the kids again. And again. So on and so forth.

The challenging round of Antakshari during the bus ride was followed by the show in the planetarium. Sitting under the stars, in the show, I found myself lost in thoughts. Why were the rest of the youngsters with me doing what they were? Why were they here with these little kids answering their questions and making them comfortable? Why were they not partying somewhere with their friends on a Saturday evening? “So who was the first guy to step into space?” “Huh? Err… Yuri Gagarin. That’s right. Yuri Gagarin.” The girl who had tucked at my sleeve to satiate her curiosity looked satisfied. Her question was answered. Lots of mine weren’t.

The show at the planetarium was followed by a trip round the scientific exhibition and snacks. The kids loved it.

It was late by the time I got home. Running around making sure all the kids were together had taken its toll on my legs and my head was throbbing. Also, I had to brace myself for the next day. Interview panel? Me? Sheesh!


MAD Hyd Recruitment Drive 2010

The next day turned out to be as much fun and taxing as the first. After Glo’s presentation about MAD, the games and interviews started.

While one half of me was saying, So tell me more about you?… Hobbies? …Ever taught before?…” The other half was bursting with curiosity. Why do these people want to teach in the first place? Do they even know how frustrating it can be? Why would a 24 year old guy with a handsome career and loads of money care about orphans with no education? Why?

After loads of careful deliberation and discussion we finished the selection. We had successfully found 33 promising, new MADsters. Yay!

That night I lay flat in bed. My eyes burnt, my back creaked. I was tired and satisfied. Why? It was when I was lazily floating between consciousness and sleep that it came to me. A flash. “Yuri Gagarin, Akka?” It was the eyes.  Her eyes. It was a million eyes like those that we were working for. Holding little, excited hands on the journey to their destinations added value to our lives. Young as we are, this is more satisfying for us than any evening movie (followed by a dinner at a posh restaurant) could be. THAT is the answer. Puzzle solved. Also, who said we don’t have fun?

For a change, here’s our time to do what we at MAD hardly ever do (humble and modest as we are). Here’s our time to pat our backs and raise our collars. Here’s our time to feel proud and say “I MAD, do you?”.

An account of the weekend would be incomplete without mentioning the MADsters who put their heads down, slogged and made this happen. Ashwin, Meghna, Kola and Leticia deserve special pats on their backs!

By  Sai Madhurika

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  1. Jeff says

    A name I frequent often in the status messages of HYD MADsters… and now I see a real rocking rendition… Great work Miss. Little Blue-eyed MADster!!!

  2. Blesson says

    So true! I was at the cricket camp going on at Cochin and we played a game with the kids after the camp. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you put a few smiles on those little faces! :D

  3. Kola says

    Arre!!! not that angry look pic of mine! I'll give u other pics of the visit if u want.

    @ God-daughter: dear God-daughter, very well written. I can consider you, if you ever think of writing my biography now! :P

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