Cricket Camp At Shnehabavan, Day 1

The kids at Shnehabavan, Palluruthy are having a five day cricket coaching class starting from the 20th of May. The camp is being handled by Jino who is very passionate about cricket. He is even thinking of taking it up professionally.

The day started off with a briefing on the rules of cricket. I’m not sure if that’s necessary in a country like India. Here children learn cricket more religiously than, well, than anything else.

Next they started the warm up exercises. Just something you have to get through before you get to the really interesting stuff.

Next we started on catching practice. The kids stand in a semi-circle while the coach stands at the mouth of the circle. The kids throw the ball at the coach who sends it towards another kid. If anyone misses a catch, they have to do a couple of somersaults. Its fun.

That was the easy mode. Once that was over, we move on to the hard stage – reflex catching. In this exercise, the trainer stands very close to the kid. The kid tosses the ball at the back of a bat(remember – its a quarter of a meter away from the kid) and tries to catch the ball after it bounces of the bat. Trust me, its harder than it sounds.

Next, we moved to fielding/thowing practice. We learned the right posture to pick a ball and the right way to throw it. We even had an audience for this event…

Finally we played a game called Rolling ball. Its similar to football – but this game is designed to build your fielding and throwing skills. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the game – because the photographer(yours truly) was playing the game along with the kids.

This camp will be going on till the 25th of May. Expect more reports on the camp as it progresses.

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  1. Blesson says

    Placement activity No.2 already. Great work, Sumesh! And the camp is happening only because of Jino's efforts!! :D

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