Palluruthy Camp in Cochin

Palluruthy Don Bosco and Snehabhavan had their annual three week camp and MAD was invited to conduct a few sessions. Mr Krishnakumar, who works in the HR industry, helped us with the camp.

First was the ice breaker session where everyone introduced themselves and told him about their daily routine and he explained how small modifications in their lifestyle like waking up early morning and practicing meditation and exercises can make huge differences.

Then the kids, about 50 of them, were divided into five teams and were asked to choose their team leaders and a team name. The names, as usual were interesting – Happy Husbands, Sura, Star boys, Healthy husbands and my favorite name Paapy Appachan!

Soon, they were given a task – each team had to build a bridge – using 6 paper cups, newspapers, strings, glue and a wooden 30cm scale – in 30 minutes! And they were very eager to do it. Apparently we have many budding engineers here.

And soon, it was time to decide the winning team. But before that, Krishnakumar asked each of the teams to think about what was good for their team and what wasn’t. All of them came up with brilliant answers. They understood the importance of a collective “team” effort. A lot of them showed unmatched leadership as well as creative skills.

At the end of the day, we all learned a lot about soft skills and how we can improve them and, of course, how to build a bridge!

By Sumesh (Placements VP, Cochin 2)

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  1. Greeshma says

    Nice! Similar to the activity we had in the conference right? Awesome !

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