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I once read somewhere that the true measure of a society was in how it treated its weakest members.

We started MAD with the hope of enabling our children to someday be treated like equals, getting the same opportunities you and I got when we were young and today I believe we have come closer to our dream.

I am proud to Announce Cambridge as MAD’s knowledge partner.

From 2010 on, MAD’s children will be using “The Cambridge English for Schools Curriculum”

Now to test out these books I decided to take it to the naughtiest place on the planet, the name of which makes every MAD newbie pee his pants: Palluruthy Snehabhavan. The kids there are famous for their pure unbridled energy and their ability to make even veteran volunteers like Sanjana Kuruvila cry for mommy at nights.

I took with me one of MADs oldest supporters and a photographer for TOI, Sivaram who brought his Camera along. We took four of the naughtiest kids gave them the books and told them they were the New Brand Ambassadors of Cambridge text books. What happened next would put Amitabh Bachan to Shame :P


The second pic from above is actually them trying to solve a word puzzle in the book. I was really excited because the kids kept asking me if they are gonna have the same books next year and you have no idea how good it feels to say “YES” !!

This five-level course for young students has won worldwide praise for its innovative approach that really works. It was the first course to be fully based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) principles. Cambridge English for Schools features a communicative, task-based approach where the content and concepts reflect students’ own lives and interests. This course is effective with mixed-ability classes and emphasises learner choice, decision-making and autonomy.

These are the very same books that many International Schools in India use and this year on,  2500 of MAD’s children too will be using these fabulous books.

I would like to thank Sunil Mohan, General Manager, Cambridge University press for spearheading this partnership. Andrew LittleJohn, author of these books for responding to our emails and offering his complete support and our very own Sanjana Kuruvila for making it all happen.


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  1. says

    This is awesome!! I'm definitely looking forward to teaching my kids from these!! And boy, do I love Cambridge or what!! I'm so proud to be a MADdie! :) Great blog too, Jithin :)

  2. says

    Woah! Sr getting senti here and there! My my. Never thought I'd see the day..

    But still, I guess this warrants it.. Awesome to see Cambridge and MAD working together..

    Cheers tot he future! :)

  3. Blesson says

    It is great to see the Cambridge books in the hands of our kids. And the tie-up is amazing too. Like Sr said, you never know what will be possible if you just try!

    PS: The new blog theme looks really good.

  4. Sakshi says

    yes, even I am looking forward to teach my kids from these..:)) (way too excited)..:D:D

  5. Geetanjali Joshi says

    THIS is SOOOOOO cool!!!!!! AWESOMENESS MADNESS!!!!!! :D :D … and the texts look sooo cool. I feel like studying from them!! Lucky training ppl!!!!!

  6. Gloria says

    Saying 'Awesome' would be an understatement.. Loved the photos used on this blog. It so completely conveys how BIG a milestone this is. Thanks to Jithin's Linked In searches & Sanjana's email to Mr. Andrew LittleJohn. Hope this partnership goes a long way in shaping the future of our kids. :)

  7. achprabhu says

    Woohoo! Congrats guys for making this happen. :D
    *begins the long wait for classes to start*

  8. says

    I must place on record the amazing support we received from CUP and Dr Littlejohn.
    We filled an online form to CUP UK, not really expecting to hear back from them, but we got a call from Mr Roshan Thomas from CUP Trivandrum the next day. And two days later we were discussing our requirements with Mr Sunil Mohan.
    We sent Dr Littlejohn a mail a few days later, again really not expecting anything, and he replied in 2 days, and said he was happy to hear about our project and he would definitely put in a word for us. Two days later, when I called Sunil, he had already received Dr Littlejohn's mail of support!!!
    A very Big Thank You to Dr Littlejohn, Sunil and Roshan from CUP and also CUP UK for taking up our project.

  9. subhashisroy says

    I pretty much feel like those kids out there…really itching to get my hands on those books. The MAD syllabus which till now was putting up in makeshift tents have finally found a permanent place under those lovely covers. Great work Jithin, great work Sanju baby!!!

  10. aparajita20 says

    Great work Sanjana!
    you can't imagine how glad we all are for the new syllabus!
    and kudos to jithin :)

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