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Last day of MAD – Of broken Kannada and non alcohol tears

So I rushed….. Managing to escape office, I rushed off to the last class of Make A Difference to meet my beloved girls before they leave for the summer vacations. With thoughts running through my head “Last class, no more MAD for you.” “You will miss these girls. Now, how will you spend your Sundays?”

So when I finally reached, most of the volunteers were already there. And it was decided we would conduct the starters and flyers test for them. It felt harsh to end the last class with a test but we set out to see the girls. They already knew this was the last class for the year.

They were at their best behavior, the tests stressed them out a bit but they some how managed and then it was feed back session. I would like to call this session the ANISIKE session. Janice is obsessed with that word you will know why, in a while.

Some chose to write and some spoke. With broken English they conveyed how they liked or not liked the classes. Some preferred to write in Kannada so they could express better. There were sniffles and tears too. It felt like my college farewell.

We volunteers felt like celebrities when some kids asked for our autographs. With some volunteers leaving the city for higher studies and work and also some getting married *ahem ahem* it kind of got emotional. Nikita and I were clicking pictures with Deepak’s ever faithful camera.

I came to my class to hear what they had to tell me. It got me all emotional. I even made a girl cry with my farewell words. I was too scared to tell them that next year I won’t be there, too scared to break their hearts, and just told them that I will be there.

And then we sat to read the reviews written by Janice & Flora Ma’am’s children. Janice broke down, with the words “I always needed alcohol to make me cry this is the first time am crying without alcohol” and we could not help but burst out laughing at this anisike which means review.

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The kids spoke of how their Sunday and Saturday naps were taken away for this but now they know the importance of learning English they are no longer complaining.

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I remember the first class I took here. The girls looked sleepy and I conducted an icebreaker to perk them up. In spite of all the mumbles and grumbles they managed, in spite of all my broken Kannada words they could understand me. I felt it was a disaster. The next class I was armed with all the kannada I could learn from my mother and came to teach them and they surprised me. They were quick learners and behaved well. They were in fact waiting for the classes to begin. And so began my happy Sunday routine with my angels. And now its over I have to bid goodbye to them.



I came to teach the kids instead I learnt a lot from them, the value of living, and the value of education. I even improved my kannada a lot. I know now I can say that I Make A Difference, I MAD.

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  1. Gloria says

    Very well written.. It's just another month or so before you're be back with your angels!! :)

  2. says

    @shanaz thank you…. dont we all relate to our experiences with the kids.. mad forever :)

    @gloria I dont know if i ll be back with my angels am shifting to bangalore :(

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