This phase of life: Madness

Exactly one mad year ago, I blogged for the first time and on the same phase of life. I called it awesomeness. I’m in a different position right now and I can’t think of the words to come up with this blog post.

For about two years, life has changed completely for me. Some people surrounded me. New people. Good people. Great People. MAD people. And then it came to an end. This phase of life was called madness.

Farewells have always been formal before I went MAD. But then, lately it is more than just the presentation of certificates of the people leaving MAD. This time it was Hawaiian themed party at Chackola’s Habitat. And an awesome one it was, thanks to Hannah, Jazim and gang.IMG_1617IMG_1629   

Back to ‘event reporting’- the event started with Sanju’s well prepared ‘funny’ presentation on the year that was. This was actually funny and kinda evident that she worked hard on the fun part. All of us played the hoolahoops gaming thingy. Its just musical chairs minus the chairs plus the hoolahoops. :P. IMG_1638

IMG_1653We had the farewell video played followed by the certificate distribution and again to some funny moments courtesy Jithin and his hugging routine. Game time again and this time it was the pineapple bowling, and as expected nobody got a strike. Nadheem did get close to one :)IMG_1692






The two new presidents, Shahnaz and Blesson showed us their plan for the new year and meanwhile smart people like me, ventured into the food arena and grabbed some awesome pastries. Before which Aditi chipped in – “They wouldn’t know we had these pastries would they?” ATTAAAACK !!


We enjoyed rest of the day with some dance and music and photographs galore! Check out Poornima’s album on facebook for the pics. Another MAD day, another MAD year. More to come.

Cheers and stay MAD.

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