The MAD National Conference 2010.

Today’s global youth population is at a historical high of over 1.5 billion. With 89 % in developing countries, youth unemployment has assumed alarming proportions. The youth today are on average three times as likely to be unemployed as adults. In the last ten years, the world’s youth population grew by 10.5 percent while youth employment only grew by 0.2 percent. The International Labour Organization has estimated that another 1 billion young people will enter the world’s labor market within the next ten years. Many leading thinkers of our generation has indeed labeled this the “Silent Crisis”

We are all members of this Youth population and we have a stake in this Silent Crisis.

MAD is a growing community of committed youngsters who are investing their time and energy to positively impact the communities they live in. As MAD grows we need strong leaders who can ensure our programs and policies achieve greater impact, sustainability, and scale. We see value in developing youth leaders.

The MAD national conference is a platform for our core team members from across the country to develop their leadership & management skills. It is an open-minded exchange of diverse perspectives on challenges they face on the ground and a concerted effort to find solutions that are both practical and beneficial to all stakeholders.

The MAD national Conference 2010 will be held in Bangalore on 5th,6th and 7th of March and will be attended by  70 MAD core team members from 10 cities, covering 3 days of intense training sessions and discussions that focus on developing leadership skills and better understanding of the functional systems  of Make a Difference.


Our focus is on action. We will have two breakout sessions where the city core teams come out with their final plan of action for the coming year. The highlight of this year is the election of the National Core Team during the Functional Break out session on Day 2.


The National Conference is an avenue to meet likeminded people and learn and share from each other’s experiences. This is an ideal platform to forge relationships that will last a lifetime.


We would like to thank Manipal County for providing us with this great venue and ensuring our team has a stress free and rejuvenating experience.


The following will be the agenda for the Conference

Friday, March, 5th, 2010


New Policies:

  1. 70 volunteer ceiling
  2. Internship opportunities in MAD
  3. Relook at the volunteer profiles : Teaching Volunteer & Admin Volunteer

Plan of Action

  1. Deciding the City recruitment Schedules
  2. Recruitment Drive
  3. Use of MADapp
  4. MAD Workshop and Process Training
  5. Single window Volunteer Induction Process
  6. Volunteer incentive programs
  7. MAD comps
  8. Measurability: City Reporting Format

Future Plans

  1. Management Training Program

Leadership Development Programs


New Policies

  1. Fix the age group of MAD Students
  2. Importance of the role of center heads and Batch heads

Plan of Action

  1. Identifying Centers
  2. Empowering Batch Heads & Center heads
  3. An ideal Class
  4. Class Visits
  5. Use of MADapp


New Policies

  1. Centre Centric Approach
  2. Partnership with the Orphanage Head
  3. Incentive System

Plan of Action

  1. “Out of Center” Placements Program
  2. Camps
  3. Mentorship
  4. Usage of MADapp Events section

Future Plans

  1. Career Guidance

Saturday, March 6, 2010


New Policies

  1. The Celta Model
  2. The New Syllabus

Plan of Action

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of a Mentor
  2. Choosing Mentors and assigning Mentees
  3. Identifying Training space
  4. Use of MADapp to manage training
  5. Student Progress

Future Plans

  1. MAD Revenue Generation program
  2. Accreditation for the training program


1. Overview of Finance Policy of MAD

2. Statutory requirements

3. Ensuring Financial integrity


  1. What is the MAD library Project
  2. How to start a library Project in your city
  3. How to coordinate the library Project
  4. Use of Basecamp to coordinate the library Project


New Policies

  1. City Incentives
  2. Online FOM
  3. National fundraising Employee

Plan of Action

  1. New City Level targets
  2. How to find an FOM POC
  3. How to run an FOM Campaign
  4. How to make an FOM presentation
  5. How to do FOM follow ups
  6. Other fundraising Avenues

Future Plans

  1. National level Fundraising Support


New Policies

  1. National Employee
  2. National Brand Building

Plan of Action

  1. MAD Blog
  2. MAD Pings
  3. MAD Magazines
  4. Media Management
  5. Merchandising & Designing

Future Plans

National PR support for local PR Activities

Break Out Session # 1: Function Wise

  1. Elect the National Core team Members
  2. Deciding on the national Review Meetings
  3. Targets for the Coming year

Sunday, March, 7th, 2010

Computer Project

  1. What is the MAD computer Project
  2. How to start a Computer Project in your city
  3. How to coordinate the Computer Project
  4. Use of MAD to coordinate the Computer project

Break Out Session # 2:City Wise

  1. Finalizing the Plan of Action for the coming year
  2. Setting targets
  3. Deciding on Time lines

Apart from the above Functional Modules, there will be sessions on leadership development that inculcates a spirit of team play and leadership through a series of discussions, workshops and group practice sessions. Essential skills for leadership like effective listening and communication, presentation, team building, assertiveness and problem solving are developed. The team gets to learn the technical skills, emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities required to be leader.

Yes, it is going to be hectic with the conference starting at 9 am and stretching up to 12 am but we believe these 3 days are going to be an experience of a life time for all of us. I thank all the delegates for sharing the financial commitment for the conference and hence re-emphasizing your commitment to our values.

On a personal note, we have been working towards this year’s National Conference for over 3 months now and I am sure it will add value to every mad volunteer who attends, and hence, motivate more youngsters to GO MAD :)

Attention Delegates: All further information and discussions regarding the conference would happen in our base camp account. Do log in to get the latest updates on the conference. If you do not have your Basecamp account details yet, email for your log in credentials.



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  1. samarth says

    looking forward to a good session.. the property seems quite neat.. good stuff, whoever managed to arrange for this one..

  2. subhashisroy says

    Hats off to Jithin and others behind the organisation of the national event! The venue looks great and pretty cool. Lot of thought seems to have gone into it, going by the pretty elaborate agenda. Now it is up to us to make it a success through our fruitful participation. Lets each one of us carry at least one great idea to Bengaluru on each of the agenda points. Contributing to social change is a serious business after all. Let me take leave of you as I put my tired brain to work. See ya in Bangalore!

  3. says

    The MAD national conference is a platform for our core team members from across the country to develop their leadership & management skills and developed it in better way to achieve the organization goal.

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