Live at ‘the Choice is MAD’ Camp !

Prologue: This is my first ‘report’ blog. I have to be not lost with current emotion or the negative creep. Oh yea, and I’ll be updating this live :)

So here we are for the Choice is MAD camp, at the Choice School Campus in Cochin. I arrived here at sharp 8 in the morning and a really frantic Niki on the phone just waves a ‘Hi’. Hmmm, she is frantic ! The bus with the kids was stuck in traffic and it was slightly behind schedule. Nevertheless, the kids upon arrival were greeted by us volunteers with much fanfare. And we did hear “Sanjana miss!! and Hannah miss!!” in between. The kids were escorted by us for breakfast. In malayalam, the we had ‘villapam and ishtu’ which in English can be termed as Appam and Stew :)

As seen in the pic below we have Adeeba, Midhika, Aditi and the gentlewomen Miss Siddhartha and Miss ArjunaDavida hand-painting the certificates to be given at the end of the camp.

Sanjana, starting up with the icebreaker session. She used toffees to make up groups. And we played the Bus game :)

Shahnaz the king. She introduced the camp to the kids and is taking up a session on motivation and skill development. As you can see, she has put up a bright weird smile with nicely brushed gritted teeth.

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