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friend, noun: a person who provides assistance in times of need, is dependable, and makes your life awesome :-D

MAD needs a lot of such people to sign on as Friends of MAD (or FoMs). FoMs are the ones who we depend upon for their small monthly contributions and they thereby assist us in generating some awesomeness in the lives of our kids!

Why do we need the funds?

# We are developing a syllabus in partnership with EzVidya to teach our kids using the communicative approach.

# We need to develop and maintain our web application which is used to monitor and ensure better administrative control over all MAD activities. 

# Other projects like placements (career awareness, motivation, personality development), starting libraries etc.

How can you help?

# Look around you for FoMs – friends, relatives, colleagues! Anyone who is willing to be-friend us needs to be taken on-board.

# If you know anyone who is working in a corporate, put us in touch with them, so that we can run our Employee Engagement program in these corporates and identify FoMs.

So, all you MAD folks, turn the searchlights on and start hunting for some Friends for MAD. Together, we can Make A Difference!


Please contact:

Blesson Gregory (09995608224)


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