WANTED!! The 2010-2011 MAD CORE TEAM !!

M.A.D Core Team 2010-2011

India’s fastest growing youth volunteer network, with over 800 volunteer teachers teaching across 10 cities, is on the lookout for its New Core team for 2010-2011. The national core team shall conduct Elections and interviews in all its cities to choose the new breed of MAD Managers.

The chosen few will be invited to the prestigious MAD National Conference where the best would be elected to lead MAD nationally and would be inducted into the National Core team.

Do you think you have it in you to take charge and lead MAD to greater heights? Then this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Applications are now open for the following positions in every city:

President 2010-11
VPs  2010 – 11

Interested Volunteers can download the application form from the Repository, fill it and send it to freshblood@makeadiff.in

Election Process Milestones for your city

1. Applications Open:19th Dec

2. Last Day for presidents Application Submission: 23rd dec

3: President’s Poll :23rd dec  to 28th Jan

4. Last Day for Core team Application Submission: 28th Dec5. New Core team Announced: 2nd Jan

The presidents would be elected. The core team would be selected by the National Core Team by conducting a rigorous interview .

Before you leap for glory, go through our Eligibility criteria and see if you fit the Bill

General Qualification:

To be on the National core team, you must be:

1.A MAD teaching or placement volunteer.

2.Able to make a commitment to hold your leadership position till March 2011

3.Accessible to volunteers, other core team members on a daily basis over phone, mail.

4.Able to attend the National Conference in March 2010

5.Able to commit 2 hours or more every day to MAD activities

You MUST apply if you:

1.See yourself growing in leadership positions in MAD and want to get more involved in MAD operations

2.Want to make MAD your TOP PRIORITY for the next academic year

You MUST NOT apply if you:

1.Have taken up other commitments in addition to you college / work during this period

2.Will not be able to complete the required time line

3.Have time / travel restrictions

4.Cannot be accessible to volunteers, core team members round the year

Campaigning of any kind is banned!!


The MAD National Core Team.

PS: Any doubts regarding the selection process, feel free to contact

Sanjana: 9846603372
Gloria: 9396994745
Sujith: 9396994744
Dhiya: 9895501845

Any comments, feel free to just type it down here

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