Karmaveer Puraskaar- National awards for social justice and action

Written by Samarth Agarwal

Do we know the significance of 26th November? It was the day when the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India in 1949. Of course, the Mumbai attacks gave 26/11 a whole new dimension. Given its history, therefore, it was an appropriate date for the Karmaveer awards – which aim to recognise the real-life unsung heroes looking to bring about a change through citizen social responsibility.


Jithin and I took our seats on the second last row of the auditorium…No, we were not late. We were half an hour early perhaps. It was a tribute to the ‘back-benchers’ feeling of the good old days!!

Earlier in the day, Jithin shared with me how he dreams to own a sports bike some day!! Co-incidentally, a fellow Nobel Laureate 2009, recognised under the Contribution to Society through Sports category, also dealing in premium sports bikes, was sitting right beside us. That was perhaps one of the most critical networking activity that Jithin accomplished ;-)


On a more serious note, what set this award a class apart from all similar awards to individuals is that we knew that this one was for all the MAD volunteers. This was not only a recognition of what we had achieved so far, but was a reminder of the potential change that this organisation can bring about. As they say, the journey has only begun…

Here’s to many more bikes, oops!! awards :-)

Karmaveer Puraskaar is the peoples’ award instituted by iCONGO Confederation of NGOs- and KHEMKA FOUNDATION with all other sectors and partners like TISS, BCCI, CMS, NECCI, NASSCOM FOUNDATION, PHDCCI, FISME, RAI, AIESEC, Open Space NDTV, Outlook, Asian Age, Business World, Dataquest, Big FM, Tehelka and various other esteemed sectors and organizations..

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  1. samarth says

    hehe.. i hope the article reads better after the edit?? can i start blogging again???

  2. subhashisroy says

    Jithin Bhai,
    A sports bike could never have taken you where our collective MADness has! Congratulations to all the MAD elders and dedicated crop of volunteers. Someone please give a pat on my back!

  3. says

    congratulations folks.

    and a special mention is due to Nayana and Ankesh, MADsters in Hyderabad who worked really hard on the application!!
    thanks guys!!
    by the way, ankesh is a spitting image of ranbir kapoor!!!! :)

  4. says

    Woohoo!! Way to go!! :)

    @ Sanjana – hahaha!! I can see you're working to increase Ankesh's 'demand' among the MAD crowd.. :) Ranbir Kapoor..!! do you hear that Ankesh?!! :D

  5. kola says

    I liked this 'but was a reminder of the potential change that this organisation can bring about. As they say, the journey has only begun…'

  6. rakesh says

    If it was not for the VP training in manglore who met with the accident , the backbench strength wud have been 3..Including me….*tears rolling down * … there's always a next time…

    but We r now karamveer Puraskar holders….

    * DAncing wit 3 volunteers who are reading this *

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