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Saeunn Thorisdottir

Saeunn is from Iceland on vacation in India. She has worked with the Red Cross and many NGOs there. She is on the Youth Council  of UNICEF in Iceland. She has been working with various NGOs during her stay here. In Cochin, she has been visiting all our centres and assisting in MAD classes.  It was great having her in our class especially because the children tried hard to speak in English because they really wanted to speak with her. :)
Last Saturday we had the first placement program for Crescent girls orphanage, my centre in Cochin. We took the girls to the De Aqauria exhibition where they got to see different species of ornamental fish, bird species and dog breeds. Saeunn helped organise it and was there from start to finish. She has written a blog about it, which i am posting on her behalf.
Also thanks to the placement team, Niki and Dilip for making this possible. :)
Crescent girls’ trip to De Aquaria:
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Crescent orphanage is a home of wonderful and happy young Muslim girls who have gotten used to their daily routine of school, homework and crazy mad lessons every week.
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They do not complain and are extremely thankful for every little attention you give them and for every little story you share with them. Whether it is singing a song or dancing to a funny action song with them, one can easily spot the expression of happiness in their eyes.

At the exhibition the girls got to see so many types of interesting fish, most of them were really pretty but they found some weirder ones in between. At the bird section we saw many types of bird from all over the world, some German while others being Chinese. It was at the dog section where some of the girls quickly grabbed their nose and you could here them go ‘eewww’ as they found this ground rather smelly!

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through the whole exhibition we headed with the girls to Sanjana’s house where the girls got to step on a treadmill for the first time and to experience real chocolate in the making! They were running around the house and having a blast in the garden before we gave them snacks, juice, cake and that home made chocolate which some of the girls kept to eat back at their home.

It was brilliant being able to give the girls a break from their daily routine and to show them something new. As for us the mad volunteers, we had just as much fun as our girls. For us we were so happy being able to make this day happen for them.

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  1. jithin says

    ok, I have to say this…The girls look sooo cutee !!!!

    Its soo obvious how excited they are !! Great work Niki and Gang :)

  2. shahnaz says

    Wow the kids look so excited. Great jobs guys for giving them a wonderful day to remember.

  3. shahnaz says

    Wow the kids look so excited. Great jobs guys for giving them a wonderful day to remember.

  4. says

    yes, they really had a good time. they didnt want to go back. :) for their camp we must have radhika's dance workshop. they will love it. they were dancing on the bus throughout. :)

  5. remitha says

    moreover, its really great to know all of them are muslim girls… u know what i mean … always wishing to unveil from the barriers!!!
    great work people!!!

  6. Blesson says

    I am sure Saeunn had as much fun as the girls did. :D And from when has Sanju's place become a placement visit location? :P

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