Divine home is one place where you can meet kids from 2 yrs to 15yrs. Each one has a story to tell, a dream to fulfill, a world to conquer. For a few the four walls of their dormitory is their world for enjoyment, well for the rest it’s their books with extra home work that they requests from their teachers. If its school during weekdays, its mad lessons during weekends. They started getting used to this routine with no complaints, no expectations (or should I say, no one to complain and nothing to expect).

all happy and rocking....
all happy and rocking....

Since this is what they thought the world was, TVM MAD decided to prove them wrong. So today we, volunteers of DIVINE HOME, ventured down to kawdiar for a day at the zoo. Getting permission from Alice mam was in fact an improbable task, but we knew it was worth it. So we hit the roads by 2 in the afternoon.20 children from divine all colorful and beautiful. At around 2 30 we got in. On seeing the animals, they were all excited and happy. Sometimes we even hoped to have more arms to keep them under control. It was as if a whole new world was opened to them.

hippos , always amusing...
hippos , always amusing...

They could see, feel, understand and even touch in real, all what they have been listening to, only in books and images. Each kid had a story to tell. Each animal gave them memories in some way or the other. If lion reminded, the boys, of their KALLARI sir, the peacock gave memories to the girls ,of the feathers in their books that they think might multiply one day.

We did make them feel comfortable by taking pictures, buying them ice creams and most of all showing them a world other than theirs. It was in fact surprising to know that they have never been to the zoo before. All they were aware of was that snakes are dangerous to be with. That we understood when we took them to the reptile house. We had a herculean task keeping them together.

hey,  i saw the python move!!!!

hey, i saw the python move!!!!

We thought by the time, the long walk through the zoo was over, they’d be tired.But they had it in them after all. We took them to the park . To our amazement ,they left us and were running  around ,making sand castles ,playing on the slides and swings like never before.

they werent afraid of anyone!!!!or anything!!!

they werent afraid of anyone!!!!or anything!!!

Well if you’re talking about the volunteers, though we weren’t there to enjoy the zoo this was in fact a very new experience. We felt the compassion for each kid , the innocence in their thoughts (though robin ,a 2nd std boy, said that he felt the gal more cute than the puppy in her hand…).

lets go horsey!!!

lets go horsey!!!

Since there was a bit more time left we took them to the palace grounds , to give them a taste of some more space ,to give them a free feel,to let them fly with no strings attached. and this is what we saw…..

look at me !!!
thats us!!!
thats us!!!

well this was the day we spent with a bunch of kids who made us feel like kids, who taught us that life’s not just about growing up, its about how you grow up.If it wasn’t for MAD , we the volunteers of DIVINE HOME wouldn’t have had the passion to work , and the dream to make this day happen.

we could see the shine in their eyes...

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  1. siddharthrao says

    Hey Remitha, that was great thing to do!! Kids absorb better by observing rather than by reading and writing. and add to it, they had a fun day out!! Good work!

  2. vinuyousuf says

    it was such an amazing day with our kids from Divine..had a great fun time with them..but really missed my class kids – KEzia, Renjith, Ancyamong the KG class..If they had been there, it would have been even more lot for the kids. But, the day was made and at the end of it, all of us felt damn happy..just for being with them and could really make a difference for them..on the wait for some more time with them, outdoors…

  3. says

    :) watch out for Robin, he is going to be quite the casanova.
    talk about ask and you shall receive, melvin called the director of the zoo before the outing, and told her about the plan and she allowed free entry for all the chldren. :)

  4. remitha says

    i know it , was so thoughtful of him … i mean you can flag him as the best among the entire lot …

  5. remitha says

    honestly man, you had to see the small ones … kesia came up to me asking, chechi, njagalle enna kondupokunne…. oh my God , i needed at least a million words to reply to give her an answer!!!

  6. vinuyousuf says

    very true Remitha..Melvin quite stands out wen it comes to the matter..and where thers foto-clicking he will also be ther, lik the time wen he jumped into the frame just befre the clicking… :P
    lol..Robin was like..kollam..asked who..?alla, aa pattiyum kollam, patti pidichirikunna allum kollam..hahahahahahha…

  7. Anisha says

    hey!! gud to see so many smiles….u guys have dne a great job!! keep up the spirit……

  8. Anisha says

    hey!! gud to see so many smiles….u guys have dne a great job!! keep up the spirit……

  9. Anisha says

    hey!! gud to see so many smiles….u guys have dne a great job!! keep up the spirit……

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