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Content contribution by: Arushi, Sakshi, Sonam, Vrinda

In keeping with our zealous tendencies, Delhi decided to have the longest Children’s Day celebrations this year, with back to back events on 14th as well as 15th!! (Yes, no less than a double party for us!!)

The marathon session of revelry started on the 14th at Bal Sehyog:

Party Station I:

First on the agenda was a drawing competition where we distributed drawing sheets and crayons to sixty kids (yes we had a full house!!)…The topics given to them were either ‘Chacha Nehru’ {it was, after all, his birthday :)} or ‘Your future profession’. The kids took to the activity with great enthusiasm and it was an absolute delight to see all of them enjoying themselves, submerged in colourful thoughts….The treasure-trove of talent and creativity that lay hidden in these little angels was quite a revelation :)


After a couple of hours of the fun-filled drawing competition, the first, second and third positions were announced!!

Refreshments were served shortly after which boosted the kids for the next surprise: a movie screening and post-screening photo-session!!! The kids went wild getting clicked in different poses and with their favourite didi or bhaiya!!!



But the celebrations were still not over for the MAD volunteers… We had another day to  follow at Arya Anathalaya on the 15th:

Party Station II:

The MAD team at Arya Anathalaya witnessed the most amazing of all times when they celebrated Children’s Day on Sunday in what we call a typically MAD Delhi style. Smiles, eager eyes were all over the place as the kids waited in anticipation of our grand plans and did we live up to it! It began with the screening of the film Dil Bole Hadippa in the morning for the boys. The boys connected instantly with the cricket, the actors, the comedy and the fun of the film as we soon saw them jumping, laughing, joking and enacting the actors. But the best moment was when the music came on! And the film had plenty to offer in that department. We saw all the barriers of hesitation and shyness break the instant songs started and the rest was a sight to behold!

8 9

The girls were no less. As morning shaded into the afternoon and the boys all left smiling, the girls came to paint the town red! We got to see some of the coolest dance moves, the grooviest sing-along and all in all a happy mood as the movie rolled on and the excitement of the kids refused to dwindle! The amazing exuberance of the girls and the endearing shyness of the boys plus a pukka Bollywood film and we lived the most fun day of our lives!

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And it wasn’t just the kids who had the time of their lives..Take a look at this:

Testimonial from Vrinda (one of our oldest and most dedicated volunteers!!):

“On 14th November i tried to bake a cake for my students but I guess last minute plans don’t work for me as my cake got overcooked (actually the right word is burnt :( ) I was quite disappointed, but the next day, I took fudge for them instead and they all relished it!!! My happiness knew no bounds….cooking for family and friends is normal (plus they hardly appreciate it!) but this was the first Children’s Day when i cooked for my students :) and i was on the adult side for a change!! We played games and chatted like there was no tomorrow!! I guess, somewhere in the process, I transformed from just their teacher to their teacher and friend!! I am really close to my students and doing anything for them gives me immense happiness!!”

So here’s to the kid in all of you, HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! Because, as the kids taught us, it’s never too late ;)

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  1. Samridhi says

    love wat vrinda said… and its really true… the children there actually consider her a very good friend and share everything with her.

    cheers to her and the whole team!

  2. says

    Nice! It's never too late indeed! :)

    I think this is the best Childrens Day that MAD has ever had, judging by the posts! :)

    And yeah, it's never too late! Cheers! :)

  3. Sameeta says

    Kids make everything so special and they made this little event all the more enjoyable..On the 14th of November our volunteers got a chance to spend some more time with the children and they loved it thoroughly..The best thing other than the childrens' reactions was the volunteer attendance, almost everyone tried their best to attend the was only me who had to travel that very day and could come only in the second half and missed quite a lot..All in all it was a superb day with the kids..I would try my best to organize such wonderful events in future too..

  4. samarth says

    the marathon celebrations lasting the entire day.. cd have been tiring for a few.. but the childrens' appreciation and smiles made all the efforts worth it.. the events made it special not just for the children but for us as well.. :)

  5. hrmadd says

    hmm.. well yeah indeed it was the longest one for me. :)
    really had one of the most amazing weekend with these kids..
    and vrinda. i had no idea u got those chocolates made for kids. amazing ya wat u did… ;)
    3 cheers, to entire mad team.!

  6. shahnaz says

    Wow. That sounds like a marathon indeed. Kudos for having celebrated children's day in style! *double thumbsup*

  7. shahnaz says

    Wow. That sounds like a marathon indeed. Kudos for having celebrated children's day in style! *double thumbsup*

  8. vaibhav91 says

    vrinda….that was really nice of u to get chocolates for the kids….n luckily evn i got a chance to taste one of them :-) n trust me guys….it ws yummmm!!!
    the childrens day celebrations were amazing…..i hope v hv more such events in future… :-)

  9. Madhur says

    it was a really good experience to be there with the kids.i was glad to see their enthusiasm during the drawing competition.

  10. Khushbu says

    it ws seriously fun to be on the other side (adult side) for the first time…enthusiasm of the kids was amazing … and vrinda it is nice to knw that u actually cooked for the kids…. :)

  11. anisha says

    Childrens days was really fun…..lot of effort was being made frm both the core team members and m co volunteers…..was jus amazing to c evry1 to wrk towards a gud cause…….

  12. vrinda says

    children's day was loads of fun….d kids really loved the movie and i also enjoyed d movie(because of the company:my students:P) it was so much better than d boring dj nite in college!!!

  13. anisha says

    yeah sameeta v oll misd u alot…..but seriously it was lot of fun…..was good to see oll the volunteers to b dr 4 the cause…..

  14. richa says

    i hav recently joined mad, n this was my first celebration with mad n i had such an awesome time. n wt was really nice was that even though im a a volunteer at AA, when i went to BS i actually didtnt feel lik i was meeting the kids for the first time!!! ::) :)

  15. Sameeta says

    I am happy to hear that I was missed..Kudos to all you guys who worked hard to make it you all..

  16. Sakshi says

    CHILDREN'S DAY was indeed fact one of my most celebrated children's day ever…the most amazing part was getting clicked with them…in different poses and!!!!!!!!

  17. Blesson says

    The best thing about spending a lot of time with the kids is that we get to be kids ourselves too in the process. :D

  18. Blesson says

    The best thing about spending a lot of time with the kids is that we get to be kids ourselves too in the process. :D

  19. Blesson says

    The best thing about spending a lot of time with the kids is that we get to be kids ourselves too in the process. :D

  20. says

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