A 3D Children’s day with a whiff of International air!! :)

**Prelude: There will be very few pictures through out this post in memory of my lost camera…which managed to take along with it all evidence of this day**

After a call to Sudha ma’am (organizer of Int’l Children’s Film Festival), a 100 free passes for MAD kids, a late night dinner @ Hotel Indu, Lakdi ka pool, a zillion calls & heated bargaining with cab rentals, desperate last minute calls to volunteers with cars (read: rich) ;) & time to spare…the Hyderabad team went to sleep having sworn to give their kids a completely new experience on their BIG day!!

The next day began @ 6:00 am with MADsters scrambling all over the city getting things in order to hit the 3 Centers  – Rainbow School, Forum for Street Children & Kasturba Gandhi Home for Destitutes – by 7:00 am & pick up the little ones (all kids below 12 yrs). The destination was packed with children by 8:30am, all bubbling with excitement, pointing at things around them & eagerly waiting for a queue from ‘didis’ & ‘bhaiyyas’ to lead them on.

Wondering, where in the world the kids are???…

Yup!! They are at the famous IMAX Theatre all lined up to watch the 3D animation movie – ‘Fly me to the Moon’ – first screening at the Int’l Children’s Film Festival. Their excitement was soooo contagious that it caught on among volunteers & everybody was excited for the movie to start!! :D

Due to lack of photos, now is the time for you to start imagining:

< Picture of a little kid & her 3D shades covering her entire face>

<Picture of all volunteers with their cool 3D ORANGE shades, trying to look serious >

Next came the cutest sight ever!! – the kids were trying to catch the droplets of orange juice that was flying at them, ducking the tree branch that almost knocked them off… & sat enthralled through out the rest of the movie watching the ‘Fly’ making it to the moon at last (along with Neil Armstrong)!!!! :D

Right after the movie, many of the kids were interviewed & became instant celebrities when they spoke to the press about how much they enjoyed the movie!!  You can find the press release in the links given @ the bottom of this post… This was followed by the kids rushing to the Tattoo & the Caricature counters.. before heading back to their Centers excited & happy about their tattoos and funny faces !!!

Imagine again:

<Picture of Nagesh showing off his Tattoo>

< Picture of Veni showing off her caricature cartoon>

With adrenaline running high, the MADsters quickly got together to  plan out the logistics to get the bigger kids to the Chinese motivational movie showing @ 7:00pm in Public Gardens, Nampally.

Clock struck 5:00pm & vvrrrrrrmmmm… started the cars, autos & what not…. towards Rainbow School, Forum for Street Children & Kasturba to bring the older children to the Chinese movie. By, 6:30 pm.. they were all @ Public gardens, dressed up & ready to watch an international film for the first time!!! :)

Almost all of them sat through the movie – ‘Invisible Wings (dumbed in Telugu of course) captivated by the determination & will of a girl who lost both her hands in an accident & learns to do everything with her legs. The movie was just the kind that we wanted our kids to watch.  The show ended @ 10:30 pm and just when we thought the events of the day was over… MADsters & 38 of our girls are stopped by a police commissioner who insisted that he drop everybody back in his jeep… How cool uh? (well, by then my camera was missing.. so, no picture again).

Our girls had police escort till the entrance & was safely tucked away into 4 different autos that took them to their centers.

As far as I can remember, I haven’t had such a memorable Children’s day in a reeeaaaaallllly long time….. & I believe it was the same for our kids! :)

Kola @ Work!! ;) Kola @ Work @ IMAX!! ;)          MAD Kids & Volunteers in Andhra Jyoti

MAD Kids & Volunteers in Andhra Jyoti

Press Reports:

Screening of Fly me to the Moon,

published by Andhra Jyoti,

Another one


Deccan Herald

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  1. says

    all this talk of 3d and imax is reminding me of the painful time here without an imax !!! grr !!
    but i guess, this will be one of the best experiences of their lives :)

    Glo, Lettie and Kola – Brilliant :)

  2. Kola says

    It was my 1st ever 3D movie too :D
    I was one of those ducking to move out of the way of stones and reaching out for the droplets of juice :P

  3. says

    uhahahahahaa!! (evil laugh) Who asked you not to come to Hyderabad? You can spend your next vacation here! ;) btw, there were a lot more volunteers than 'Glo, Lettie, Kola '… tell them Brilliant also, no?!!! hehehe!! J/K :D

  4. niki says

    A wonderful experience for r kids and volunteers i spos!!!! Good to know that u all had so much of fun!

  5. jithin says

    Sanjuuuuu !!! We want one tooo…. pls do the needfull ( don't forget the police escort)

    – Cochin MAD Teachers Union President

    Glo…is there vacancy for a tall and extremely intelligent volunteer in Hyd ??

  6. Kola says

    he he.. yes! Our HR wants me to tell you that you are in the waiting list. Will get in touch with you when the need arises. And then too, you would be in only after an interview. So start preparing for the MAD Hyd entrance exam :P

  7. Blesson says

    MAD Hyderabad has been doing some amazing work!!! :D Sanju, we have some catching up to do. :)

  8. Blesson says

    MAD Hyderabad has been doing some amazing work!!! :D Sanju, we have some catching up to do. :)

  9. Blesson says

    MAD Hyderabad has been doing some amazing work!!! :D Sanju, we have some catching up to do. :)

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