Painting a Greener World

Did you know that October 24th was the International Day of Climate Action? And that ordinary people all over the world were uniting under the magic number 350? (350 parts per million has been declared as the safe upper limit of CO2 in the atmosphere). The action in Trivandrum, initiated by a couple of NGO’s, was called ‘Green Earth’ and- I’m sure you saw this coming by now- the Trivandrum MADiacs took care to plunge headlong into the events.

The day started with a small rally in which a few of the volunteers took part. A few because some had exams and much as they wanted to come, they were obliged to opt out of it :( . Among the events organized at Tagore Theatre in Vazhuthacaud, Tvm, was a painting competition held for school students. The painting competition was a group event and the School of MAD was represented by two teams- a team of 5 girls from the Sacred Hearts home and a boys’ team from the Jayamatha Boys Home. The theme was ‘Environment Protection’ and our little Picassos and Monets, under the watchful eye of their MAD art mentor Arun, toiled away for three and a half hours to create their masterpieces. Since each picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll just let a few of them do the talking…





It was the first time any of the children had gone for a programme like this and their faces were alight with happiness. ”Just like little bulbs” was the apt comparison made by a fellow MADdie. They may not have got a certificate saying that they had won the competition but they certainly won many hearts. :)  All the children said without exception that it had been a new experience for them and were looking forward to more such events. I don’t think I have words enough to convey how good and gratified the volunteers felt upon hearing this. For my part, the children’s delighted faces was the high-point of what would have been just another regular day… :)

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  1. sajuzac says

    good initiative.. appreciate.. it would be better if we educate the kids about the dangers they could face if energy is not used well..'go green ' should be a instilled in their bloods from now on..

  2. says

    nice. this is a great placement activity, since it will definitely have created social awareness and consciousness among the kids.
    so for what distance did you guys cycle?

  3. Melvin says

    Actually we dint…we were all with the kids..:)…i think the others cycled till mysore..

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