MADe EZ Mentor Training…

What happens when 40 dedicated people all ready to be mentors are put together in one room? You get high levels of energy, bombarding of questions and simply, confusion. Day by day, this confusion was cleared and the picture was clearer.

The MADe EZ mentor training in Mumbai took place from 17th July to 19th July. These 3 days have been the weirdest 3 days I have ever spent. Never ever have I had so much fun and learnt so many things in such a short duration.

The only thing that bound 40 almost strangers is the fact that we had to go back and be effective mentors which in turn would result in each of our volunteers being effective teachers. And that one common thing was enough to bind all of us in a bond so strong that after everyone had left the place felt alien.

These 3 days saw us first understanding ourselves as learners, then as teachers and finally as mentors. We learnt how to learn, how to teach and then how to mentor. Diverse as learners as we are, the children we teach too are just as unique, just as diverse.

Understanding of our syllabus is of importance if we are going to exploit its full potential and use it to give our children experiences of every kind. Hence, on the 2nd day, we divided ourselves into groups and presented atleast one activity from our syllabus. It was very interesting to see how each of us have a different style of teaching.

The 3rd and final day saw us understanding the evaluation test that we need to give the kids at the end of unit I. This gave a clear goal and aim to each mentor of where our children need to be at the end of these 6 weeks. Finally, since it was also our facilitator, Jayshree’s birthday we had a nice cake cutting ceremony and just like that, it was time for everyone to leave.

I still can’t believe it is over. Just like a flash.

Thanks a lot, Jayshree for the wonderful experiences and the amazing syllabus.

Thanks to all the mentors who came. We have a huge task at hand and we will achieve what we are all set to do. It was great having all of you here. Dont forget to call us when any one of you are in town.

Btw, my hands are still burnt because of the tea shots! :P

All the pictures are up here

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  1. meril says

    wow.., seems like MAD mumbai is all prepping up to Make A Difference. All the best guys… :)

  2. meril says

    wow.., seems like MAD mumbai is all prepping up to Make A Difference. All the best guys… :)

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