Pallu Library Inauguration

As the clock struck 5’O Clock today evening (14th January 2009), the DP World representatives started pouring in for the formal inauguration of the Palluruthy MAD Library.  <That was a moment of truth, when I realised that DP World also shared the same amount of punctuality as MAD>

MAD Pallu volunteers had been running helter-shelter for the last few months, to hand-pick from multiple stores around the city, quality books for the kids. This includes English, Malayalam, Hindi – and have been categorized into 3 levels & placed in appropriate racks.

In a nutshell; the inaugural activities included a round around the campus; peak into the fully functional library; chit-chat with volunteers/father/kids; stories at Snehabhavan; MAD Acivities; tasty samosa & cakes; games; and lotta photos…

“Pictures speaks a thousand words” – so, I am not elaborating too much… Here comes the collage of the Formal Inauguration of MAD Palluruthy Don Bosco  Snehabhavan Library.


Click on the pic below to see a full resolution image of the DP World Representatives, Volunteers & Kids faithfully clicked by Sanjana


NOTE: Pallu libary has been sponsored by Dubai Port World (Kochi wing of DP world was started in Feb 2005 to construct, develop & operate an International Container Transhipment Terminal – an India Gateway Terminal – at Vallarpadam).


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