Holy Ghost Camp – Day 2

Stretching and pulling; twisting and turning; bending and moving; thats how the second day of MAD camp started at the Holy Ghost today – with the continuation of the “Art of Living” class by Mr Venkat Mani. After making “fruit salads” yesterday, today’s main theme was playing with animals.. Stretching up into the sky to imitate a giraffe.. Rotating your shoulders and jumping to imitate a peacock.. All with smiles.. By the way.. a word of wisdom.. Do you know that one cannot laugh and talk at the same time? (Info Courtsey: Mr Venkat Mani). The session was filled by the small words of advice on to how to look after ourselves.. Emphasis on the fact that “self” is the most important person in the world.. and we need to strive to improve ourselves constantly. Kids were so excited from the sessions that they promised on doing 30 minutes of these exercises everyday…

Kids expressing their joy after the class with Mr Venkat Mani
Cheers after Art of Living

The next session which immediately followed was one on Personal Care and Grooming to help build the girls’ confidence. It started with a small game to improve communication and interactions between the team members to solve any problem. First they were asked to stand in a circle – holding each others hands.
Round Round Circle around Priyanka

And then Priyanka moved around holding the hand of one kid.. going around the place.. below the other kids hands.. went on & on.. until the kids were completely tangled up. And they were asked to untie the mess.. and go back to formation of circle… while still holding hands… This was repeated a second time.. and this time with eyes closed… They were some casualities here… as the kids refused to leave the hands.. and got completed crumbled up in the mesh. But then at the end of it, they realised that a smooth flow will happen only if the kids interacted with each other guiding each other through speech (as eyes were also closed.)
Entangled kids…
around the gals they twist

After the small meaningful game.. the kids sat in full attention holding on to each word Priyanka voiced.
In Rapt attention

Meanwhile the volunteers worked on solving a small technical problem with the laptop & projector – for showing a small video.
Technical issues??

Next game – it was more of Ad-world.. Each team had to show an ad-show on the product “Shakalakha shampoo” for a smooth, long, straight, silky beautiful hair :) All the four team showcased their ideas in actions while enacting on the themes.. Check out one of their videos:
<am really sorry here.. but someone need to help me on how to embed the video on the blog>.
This followed by a video on Sushmita Sen winning the Miss Universe & couple of other videos on how distorted “beauty” is now on screen.. & the ill effects of hair straightening.. Did you know Sushmita Sen could speak only hindi (no english)? And it was her perseverance & efforts which has taken her to the crown. (info courtsey: Ms Priyanka Idicula)

After the breakfast-break.. (iddi-appams and chicken curry)… the next fun-team-activity was dressing up one kid (from each team) using newspaper. The imaginations ran wild here.. while the teams battled with newspapers & cellotape and scissors…

Decking up with newspapers…
Dressing up in Paper
And this is how we decked her up.. With all smiles and fun…
The Decked up gal

All decked up gals… before the start of ramp walk..

All decked up

The next was creating “Mummys” in the teams.. Guys/gals.. dont go into your corrupt minds.. This is pure Egyptian Mummy creation using Toilet-paper. The kids went round and round with rolls of tissues wrapping up one of the girls in their team.. head to toe with the white paper… Very less use of cellotapes.. as they took care not to tear the tissues..

Next came an interactive sessions when they had to list points down.. on what qualities they think a “Miss Universe/Miss India” should posses. They came with all kinds of answers from beautiful body and mind, selfless love, pleasant personalities etc..
Priyanka with kids

The session futher progressed – asking the kids to write on the Noble Prize winners for the last 5 years.. the teams who won the World Cup.. the girls who had won the previous Miss India titles.. etc. Actually, we volunteers were feeling embarassed to realise.. that the girls at Holy Ghost were able to say more names than we could even think of… But then.. this event was not for us.. ;) so.. no comments.. we just encouraged the kids to think and write :) This was then followed by asking the kids to write names of people with whom they would like to spend time with; favourite teacher etc.. This was a piece of cake for them(and for us too)..

This small activity was done to emphasize the importance of friends/mentors in our life.. Though Noble prize is a big thing.. its the people who has touched our hearts who remain in our hearts for a loooonnnnnggggg time… And it is our personal responsibility to be a good friend always.. And get into others hearts.. by our words and actions…
Goodbye love to Ms Priyanka Idicula
3 cheers for a wonderful session

Next came a “Happy Birthday to you” song to Annapoorni by our sweet-hearts… It was remix version of the song.. went something like “Happy happy happy birthday…”. That was a moment i realised that i belonged to the previous generation from these beautiful angels.. I didnt even know that a remix song existed for this one :)
Happy Birthday

Next 2 hours was certainly a page out from “Taare Zameen Par”… Self expressions through Art.. By Ms Tessa of Thought Factory Design… The session started with a small interactive session.. on some points to help the kids express themselves better through art. First one was on “eyes”.. on how the different “eye” expression can convey the complete mood of a face.. Second was on a cartoon face.. On how small difference in the drawing changes the complete emotions.. happy.. laughter.. anger.. sad.. etc…
Kids watching “the eye” series..
Art Sessions start

The emotions of the kids (and the volunteers) – emotions related to the MAD Camp – came to life in the next hour.. with crayons & pencils & water colors and a bright big Art Book.. It was speechless experience watching the kids bring to life their feelings.. Let the pics speak for itself:
arts 1
The tree and the tyres.. and herself..
art 2
Indepth into the self-expressions
Go MAD with MAD Volunteers……. Renjini Jose from “Voice of Kerala” also graced the occasion..
The Sky Walking and Monkey Gliding Exprience in canvas
This was a proud moment for MAD volunteers.. when she wrote a small write-up in ENGLISH
The jubilant kids with their at pieces of arts…. with Ms Tessa and Ms Renjini

Santa’s little Helpers.. wrapping up the presents to be given for kids during camp-fire.. Pens.. Sketch Pens.. Watch (with MAD logo).. I tried by best to get hold of one watch.. but to no avail..  It is a beauuuttiiuffuull watch… specially imported from Bangalore.

Prior to lunch, Ms Renjini Jose enthralled the girls with rocking “dailamo dailamo”.. the girls went wild with the dance and the songs..

Post lunch (noodles and chicken & chocolate ice creams – how cud i miss that one.. simply delicious); we re-started the dance sessions with Ms Radhika.. Ice breaking session was dance on newspaper.. kept on folding into halves.. until the last pair was left.. This is how it went:
Happily.. lavishly dancing on a full newspaper..
And then the paper folding starts… until it was tooo tough to even stand
This was how the winning pair won… and they were cute little darlings.. desperate to win :)

And then it was back to “my Desi girl.. my desi girl.. girl.. girl.. girl.. jhoomka girade..  lo mila le agar woh nazar se nazar mitade.. nachke dikhade.. sabki dhadhkan bhi kadam se kadam milade……………..who’s the hottest girl in the world.. my desi girl.. my desi girl………….”

You must have seen the volunteer dance in yesterdays blog.. Now lemme tell you how it was supposed to be… how the kids danced to the tune..

This was followed by a complete dance session.. kids putting steps.. and they certainly did make us dance to their tune.. It was energy & enthusiasm filled hour.

After a small tea-puffs break… All of us assembled for a formal “vote of thanks” by our dear coordinator Natasha & team.. Individually naming all volunteers who made a difference to this camp…… and “thank u”.. name shoutings.. cheering etc from these wonderful girls.. It was so cute to see them cheering for all of us from their hearts.. they face fully lit with the love and appreciation for the event.. That was one of heart-touching feelings i had during the camp.. What makes MAD worth all the efforts a volunteer put in.
Volunteers… during the session
The beautiful smiles lady..
Couple of group photos……

It was overall a completely filled… hectic…hecticly fun filled weekend.. 2 days of frolic fun… fun.. enjoyment.. exercises.. running around.. learning to express ourselves better.. public speaking.. confidence building..  and a whole lotta smiles… I can certainly say with guarantee that this was certainly one of the most SMILES filled days i had for a loong time… It was just an amazing experience.. just to be a part of the whole show…

I just cant seem to thank enough the efforts put in by each and every person.. On the ramps.. behind the stage.. everyone at MAD who made this a HUGGEEEE SUCCESS.. It was a HUGE success indeed.. 3 cheers (i think it shud be more) to the Holy Ghost Team..

We wound up the “thank u’s” by 5.45pm today to give ample time to the kids to refresh themselves for the gala Christmas celebrations and Camp fire.. Complete with Santa Claus, Christmas Tree and gifts..

Now you have to watch out this blog space for more details on this.. :)

Enthazaar ke fhal meete hote hai..
So hang around..
And keep looking……..


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  1. Inda says

    Even me!! Kids were super active and intelligent. Really had an amzing time watching their perfomances and serving food!! :D

  2. feb says

    wow bindia! u r spot on… u caputred the moment exactly hw it ws! excellent gal! the kids r really sad tht the camp gt over. Dey said dis ws one f the memorable moments f der lif

  3. Rizwana Tharola says

    Bindia ki jai ;) well described bindia :)
    but the fact is its all over,but believe me guys,nvr gona forget these amazing memories i had with the kids and ya u all volunteers
    MAD Rocks!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. says

    I second that !! :)

    Missing the camp a bit, now… (sigh) Will have to wait for the next one I suppose..

    Maybe an all boys camp at the start of the holidays..
    Who knows??

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