MAD Camp at Holy Ghost

Christmas is an occasion that is celebrated with one’s family. Celebrating Christmas with their family is one privilege which the children at the Holy Ghost do not have. Hence, it only made sense that MAD organized an event to make these girls feel right at home this Christmas.

The camp will be held on the 26th and 27th of December. Sessions on Dance, Arts, Music and Adventure will create an experience which will culture in the children a new zest for life and a confidence with which to face the world with renewed vigour. With the atmosphere that will be created, we hope to achieve the end of Woman Empowerment.

The girls at Holy Ghost come from very difficult and varied backgrounds, and hence there is a real need to make them aware of the possibilities that the World has to offer and to equip them to grab hold of them.

Empowering through education has always been MAD’s central motto, and we hope this camp of experiential learning will be the epitome of this very ideal.

Day 1

Day 1 will start with a course on the Art of Living, which is being conducted by Mr. Venkat Mani, who is the, coordinator of Art of Living Course.

Following which, respected journalist and social activist, first woman journalist from Kerala, Ms. Leela Menon will open the proceedings with a session on motivation and overcoming personal problems.

To help the girls speak more confidently and convincingly, Mr. Sooraj, a renowned trainer from ‘Career Dot Com’ will conduct a session on public speaking.

Two sessions on Dance and Body Movements will be taken by Ms. Radhika, who is a talented dancer trained at the prestigious Shiamak Dawar Institute of Performing Arts. The purpose of this session will be to remove the inhibitions that the children have of the stage, and of being in the lime light.

During the Adventure Session, events, which the children wouldn’t have dare to do before, such as Sky Walking, Monkey Gliding, Rope Walking, Reptile Act etc will be organized for the girls. While being an extremely fun event, it also promises to deliver the children from the shackles of the various phobias that they might have.

Day 2

Day 2 will kick off with Ms. Priyanka Idicula, from Magic Matchbox, who will conduct a session on Personal Care and Grooming to help build the girls’ confidence and to help empower them to present themselves better.

Yet another session will be based on the topic: ‘Self Expression through Art’; and will be conducted by Ms. Teresa Joseph George : the owner of Thought Factory Design, a graphic design company based in Cochin. This session has been envisioned to help the kids get in touch with themselves, and to make them proud of who they are and what they stand for.

To round it all off, we have established playback singer Ms. Renjini Jose coming in to have a fun music session with the kids.

The grand finale of the camp will be the arrival of Santa with presents for each and every child. Cake cutting and merriment will be embarked upon around the camp fire in full earnest.

The gala dinner will be courtesy The Avenue Regent, which pretty much assures one that the girls will get to dine like Queens at the Royal Table during the course of the camp.

Hoping to see you there.

Jr. :)

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