Still MAD!!!

I know this post is way overdue… but some things happen at a certain time for the best … and I hope my post is one of those things :)

MAD was one of the things which was really hassling my little brain when I was leaving Cochin…with more than two years of ‘Going MAD’ it was really difficult imagining myself not being a part of the system… thinking of the volunteers who left MAD in search of green pastures (read: money:)), it did bother me as most of them were never seen thereafter… other than in scrapbooks I never saw them in MAD… My life in MAD had transformed me to a great extent, giving me that tiny ray of hope which made me think – “I’m not that bad a guy. I’m ok!” Moving away from MAD hit me like a thunderstorm; making me reassess my move to Bangalore to a certain extent. But the quest for greener pastures prevailed in me and I eventually gave in.

But today, contrary to my fears, I don’t feel disconnected with MAD. It could probably be due to the presence of two volunteers whom I introduced to the world of MAD – Didi & Jr. (Read Rizwana & Jithin K resp.) I always have been in the loop with happenings in MAD making me feel still involved. As mentioned by Jr. in one of his earlier posts, I didn’t talk to him about MAD as a mere courtesy. Don’t go by his looks folks (yeah, that very ugly look of his: P), but he is one of the most respectful juniors I have ever had in my entire school and college life. His entry into MAD was more of a necessity for me as I had chosen him as a replacement for me in YMCA and to which he has responded with all guns blazing. Kudos to him for achieving so much in so little time.

My Self-Imposed PR duties along with the Advisory Committee / Mentor member (I’m not sure which and neither is the Prez!) made sure that I got the gist of the things happening in MAD. At the recent OBT or whatever every1 (including Ramu) called it; I realized how much MAD has evolved and grown. I had interviewed some of the people present there and I felt a bit of a Grandpa of MAD. But at the same time it gave me immense pride knowing that I am one of the few volunteers who are still part of MAD actively even after having left the city. Even though I am not sure of what the responsibilities I have been given as the Advisory Committee member, I know for a fact that it means I have the privilege of turning up for a MAD event/training/meeting without being invited; which now might explain to many of the new faces as to why you have seen a lot of me during the last few months even though I am supposed to be working in Bangalore :)

On an ending note I just want to tell one thing to Jithin the Prez who always says – ‘You can leave MAD, but MAD never leaves you’… I’m never leaving MAD mate!!!

My experience as a MADdie will soon be shared…. Watch out for the same in this very blog of ours :)….this is just the beginning….

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  1. says

    “…my little brain….”
    So True!! :P

    “..(yeah, that very ugly look of his: P)..”
    So Not True!! :)

    And ideas like the Advisory Committee and Mentor Board are just the Prez’s evil plan to keep members from leaving Mad….
    Don’t bother asking anybody who or what they are supposed to be!!

  2. Rizwana Tharola says

    Hmmm glad to know bro tht i am helping u remain in touch,but the fact remains ,for a longtime half of them addressed me as hijaz’s sister[:)],i guess only new volunteers call me by my name he he