The Syllabus Methodology.

The syllabus is divided into 3 Part

1. Vocab

2. Language Function

3. Stem System


Vocab is done as a supporting activity for Language Function. Words that the children might have to use while doing a language function is first introduced to the children through the initial Vocab Activity. The Vocab activity consists of 2 elements.

1. The Activity

2. The Repository

Vocab activities are played to introduce new words and to refresh the words the children already know. While these words are brought out, a language repository is maintained on the black board to enable to children to understand how the words they just learned are related to the theme they are about to learn on that particular day. This enables the children to describe, compare , instruct etc better because now all the children are trying to do is trying to connect the words they learned that day to form a sentence.

Various Vocab activities can be played to teach new words and these activities will be regularly updated in the MAD Blog under the Vocab Activities Section.

A repo can be made using various techniques depending on the Language function that you are teaching. The various repo Formats are provided under the Repo Section of the MAD Blog

In the end the idea is to get as many words as possible to fill the repo with, so that the kids learn their meaning and learn to use them during the language function. If your kids are interested enough to come out with words , then doing an activity is not entirely necessary.

The Vocab Activity shall take no more than 30 mins

Language Function

This is nothing but a speaking activity with a theme involved. The Theme for the day is clearly mentioned under the Language Functions Page of the MAD Blog. The children must be encouraged to use as many words in the repository as possible to do the LF Activity.

The Language function Activity shall take no more than 30 mins

Stem System

This is another speaking activity but much more controlled and hence special efforts must be made to make it interesting. A Comprehensive list of stem systems have been put up in the blog Under the Stem Systems category. They need to be followed in the same order but not necessarily a new one every class. You can repeat one stem until your children are through with it.

Stem System can be executed in various ways and the different ways are clearly mentioned under the Stem Systems Page in the MAD Blog

Theme: The stem system is more like a role play and less like a chant session. A theme needs to be adopted for every stem system and the children must hence spontaneously respond based on the role assigned to him. The themes must be formulated by the volunteer himself and support can be obtained from other volunteers feedbacks

The Stem Activity shall take no more than 30 mins


Before every class starts its important to have a revision of the last class atleast for 10 mins and must proceed only of the last weeks class is clear to the children.

Time: 10 mins

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