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When doing the LF Describe the children will have to describe the things based on the themes like Self,birds, animals, places etc. When one describes something, all we do is list out its attributes and adjectives.

For example, We can Describe our self Based on the following attributes

1.       Physical Traits

2.       Character Traits

3.       Bio Data

4.       Hobbies


The key is to choose the right attributes. Then it would be easier for you and children to come up with words related to it. And once you know which words you have to teach, its easier for you to identify the games that you can use. So always first choose the attributes and decide the words that you would teach on that day.

Hence Before you start the activity; Simply draw four columns in the black board with the theme in the centre and the Attributes in each Column.

Now through an activity try to bring out words from kids related to the above Attributes

For eg: Using flash Cards Explain Tall, short, fat, slim, beautiful, ugly etc. Enter these words into the  Word Web

Then do another simple activity to bring out the character traits. For Eg: the Character of various Cartoon Characters

Then ask the children what all they would write on their bio data

And finally their hobbies.

And Hence you have a full fledged Repo of words which now your Children can use while they describe their self in their LF Activity.

Many Such repositories can Be made , A few of the examples are give below


The Inverted Tree



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