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  1. says

    definitely a thought provoking video..but i must confess, the cynic in me is left quite unimpressed.
    First the things that i totally agree with
    1. The quality of education drops The farther you go from the cities.
    2. The lack of quality in education is primarily a lack of quality among teachers, infrastructure plays only a minimal role
    3.Education technologies will give better results in rural areas since the urban area has already got good well trained teachers.
    4. Most importantly.. The Hole in the wall project will only be able to partially “support” primary education

    my apprehensions are
    1. How many of the initial kids would still use the computer even after a year on a daily basis?or a tleast least 1??
    2. Is this anything more than a glorified Encyclopedia that gives the kids lot of info and nothing more.

    All i am trying to say is that, if his goal is to introduce computers and the world of internet to the children..then this is a roaring success..but if his goal is to educate in the sense we know it..then i would say..its incomplete.

  2. says

    Even he is not trying to make it perfect or complete. This is just an improvement.

    Computer can never replace a good teacher, but its better than having no teacher at all.

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