Fun with Stems!!

Note to the teacher:

The grammar structures given here help with the right use of verbs in its different tenses. Children can be made to practice these structures everyday through fun activities. The aim of providing these stems is to prevent common errors in speech that usually occur with tenses.

A few sample activities are given below that helps in the practice of these structures. It would be a good idea to seat the children in a circle to ensure everybody gets an opportunity to practice all the structures. However, the teacher or the facilitator can use various enjoyable, activity methods to accomplish the objective of enabling good speaking skills.

Some of the activities are:

Complete the sentence stems

The teacher may put up five or six stems on the board. She could either ask each child to choose any one stem and make a sentence using it or she could use a dice and the child chooses the stem corresponding to the number on the dice. This could be done everyday for about 10 minutes.

Throwing the ball

The teacher throws a soft ball to a student beginning with a sentence stem or a question that requires the student to respond with a formal structure. The child receiving the ball has to respond in a complete sentence or as specified by the teacher.

Who will speak?

The teacher prepares about 10 to 12 slips of paper with 1 or 2 structures from a section she wants the children to practice. The teacher puts the chits in a bowl and invites students in turns to pick up a chit. The student makes a sentence with the structure specified in the slip.


The teacher may organize a simple activity like cooking a quick dish or a short walk in the immediate environment and have focused conversations using specific structures.

It is important that the teachers have patience with children, as they will need time to get used to the ritual of practice everyday. The teacher also has to gently correct the children by saying it right each time rather than pointing the error out to the child.

Stem Systems to Last a Year !! :)

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