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I came to know about MAD from a friend. “Teach English at Orphanages” – These were the words that motivated me to join MAD. Little did I know that it was only a gist of what MAD is all about. The first orientation meeting was at the Avenue Center. I didn’t know what to expect. We were given an insight of how the classes would be, the challenges we would be facing and what is expected of a MAD member. This session inspired me to serve the society. The MAD group is like a family and everybody is lively and vibrant. And not a moment goes by without a hearty laugh or special smiles. The meetings taught me to speak up and voice my opinions. Being somebody who has starting trouble, MAD has helped me grow a great deal. We have mock classes among ourselves where we experiment with the different ways of teaching; basically the games and activities invented by the MAD volunteers themselves.MAD  gave me a different social circle all together. Something else that captivated my interest is that it gives me the experience and exposure of working in an organisation. MAD had a hand in bringing out my creativity and my friends there also taught me how to work as part of a team.

The classes are the best part of MAD. I teach the 6th grade. Along with teaching them English, I try is motivate them to learn and inspire them to be somebody in life. I’m their mentor. My first day was yet another surprise. I had a little trouble because my voice betrayed me. They have been tricked into discipline now. I get an over dose of songs because they love to sing. I learnt I have to be consistent and committed, which is not a problem because I just love the kids I teach. They taught me  of a different side of life. Their eyes portray their innocence, some eyes show happiness, and some convey grief. Something else I realized was that they all care for one another.

These little angels give me a lot to take back home after every class. It gives me peace of mind and I have something to feel good about. It was always my childhood dream to be a teacher and spend time with small kids. MAD helped me realize this dream.

– Hannah Fathima

I joined MAD recently, and in this short span I have experienced a lot, right from day one when I had to go through a rigorous stress interview J Every meeting has been eventful. On my first day of class, I was surprised to find little boys tugging at my sleeve for a book. They have dreams and aspirations just like everyone else. They just need some direction and some gentle reassurance. Being HR Head involves a lot of team work and co-ordination. Interacting with young leaders who have such clarity of purpose and passion to make a difference has been a great experience.

– Sanjana Kuruvailla

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  1. hemalatha shetty says

    wish i could undergo such experience if only there was a mad chapter in my city.or is my age a constrain?

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