Dear Friend of MAD,

Thank you for wanting to Make A Difference and coming all the way till this page to do it. But, before going any further, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about Make A Difference and the MAD world you're about to step into.

MAD started out small in Cochin, back in 2006. A handful of college students, teaching a handful of children. Back then, we had no curriculum, no organized approach, no training. These handful of children have now started passing out of college, getting scholarships or getting jobs. They have brought immense pride to that first set of teachers.

Through the years, we've learned that the Cambridge English curriculum can work wonders, that our teachers need to be trained, that our donors need to be updated, that our class management needs to be organized, and what not.

But, one thing we're sure of is this: no matter what we accomplish, MAD will keep on improving. Not because we're out to prove anything to anyone. Just that the children we teach deserve it.

I've been a teacher myself for years in the MAD system, and I have seen first hand what these children are capable of. And when they grow up, they'll accomplish great things. And that is why I put my time and effort into making a difference in their lives.

There are different ways in which members of the community can help us make a difference; contributing to our projects being one. As I repeated once before in this letter, we thank you for choosing to Make A Difference. We thank you for believing in us and putting your faith in us.

But, I'd also like to make a request of you. The moment you support one of our projects, we consider you an automatic inductee into the big MAD family. We want you to actively observe, participate in and help improve the work that we do on the ground using the funds that you donated.

We'll be mailing you regular newsletters about what happened in your city using the funds you provided. If you want to see more, do head on over to our Fan Page or our Blog to read more. At any time you wish, you can ask for our audited statements, and they will be provided to you within a week.

Thanks & Regards
Samarth Agarwal
CEO, Friends of MAD